10+ Hot Black Friday Weekend Deals for Work-at-Home Moms

Whether you braved the crowds at 5 a.m. today or not, there is still some shopping to be done!  Shopping for your business is one of the best ways to spend money during the holidays, but we also found a few "goodies" for mom!   Here are some of the BEST deals we found this Black Friday, and some are happening all weekend long. (Get extra savings when you shop via our referral links!)

1. 40% off iBlog Membership. We reviewed this excellent magazine here.  Get the full benefits of a membership at extra savings this weekend! Use code IBLOGBF14

2. $50 off Chocolates and Candies. Get your clients and virtual assistant a holiday gift they'll love and save big when you order through Deluxe!

The 6 Best Resources to Learn Basic Bookkeeping

I started my work-at-home business for three reasons:  I wanted to stay home with my kids; I wanted an outlet to express myself; and I wanted to bring in some money and supplement my husband's income.  Chances are you opened your small business for many of the same reasons.

While I love the work that I do, one thing I don't love is the behind-the-scenes work like maintaining my books, paying taxes, and working with an accountant.

Sure, you could outsource your bookkeeping, but if your business doesn't have complicated financials, you can learn basic bookkeeping and save yourself hundreds of dollars a year.

There are many resources to help you learn basic bookkeeping:

1099 Top 10: All About Thanksgiving

We like to regularly share our favorite posts from the Work at Home Mom niche. Some articles may come from Moms, but all of them will be great. Enjoy!

·         Lynnae McCoy's adorable Thanksgiving treat bags are so easy and quick to make that you still have time to make these for your own Thanksgiving!

·         You may just want to make extra potatoes at Thanksgiving to make sure you have enough leftover to make Frugal Upstate's Potato Croquettes the next day.  Yum!

·         As much as the holiday season is wonderful, it can also be exhausting.  Dainty Mom gives four strategies for avoiding burnout.

Work-at-Home Job Leads for November 24th, 2014

Welcome to our weekly Jobs spotlight, where we highlight some of the job opportunities that we have found for 1099 Moms and other employment from home.  


6 Must-Have Time Management Resources for Work-at-Home Moms

When you go to the office every day, you may spend some time chatting with colleagues and surfing the Internet.  However, most of the time, you're probably working because you know your productivity and output is being monitored. 

When you make the switch to working at home, one of the greatest challenges is managing your time.  After all, if you decide not to work and instead clean the kitchen, do the laundry, or even catch some rays on the deck, there's no one to stop you.

If you're struggling with time management or you want to be more productive, you can't go wrong with these resources:

1.  Attack Your Day Before It Attacks You by Mark Woods and Trapper Woods

The authors understand that old time management rules no longer apply to our busy, digital, super-connected world.  Instead, they offer a unique way to manage your time while incorporating technology.

1099 Top 10: Connect with Your Spouse This Holiday Season

We like to regularly share our favorite posts from the Work at Home Mom niche. Some articles may come from Moms, but all of them will be great. Enjoy!

·         Mom Advice suggests many ways to put your marriage at the top of your holiday to-do list.  I love the ideas of having formal pictures taken of just the two of you!

·         In the same vein, House of Rose encourages you to take a 22 day Love Habit Challenge.

·         Just in time for Thanksgiving, Frugal Upstate shares three different ways to make gravy.


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