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Shop Online to Save Money and Time

As a work at home mom, your time is precious.  You need time to do your work, and you also want plenty of time to spend with your children.  Don't forget keeping up the house and making meals.  You may have so many responsibilities, you wish there were 28 hours in a day just to get everything done!

One way you can easily cut corners, thanks to the Internet, is to do your shopping online and have things delivered right to your home.


Weekly grocery shopping likely takes you at least an hour or two, or even more if you live out in the country.  Those are hours you could use more productively.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for online grocery shopping.  Even better, using these techniques, you can save quite a bit of money by shopping on Amazon.  By using Subscribe and Save as well as a Prime membership, you can get items delivered to your door for 15 to 20% off normal prices and enjoy free shipping.

Peapod is another option for groceries.  You may not like being unable to pick your produce in person, but I've ordered from Peapod several times, and the vegetables always come in pristine condition.  There aren't quite as many ways to save at Peapod as there is with Amazon, but they do run sales, and if you choose a less popular delivery time, you can get a discount on your delivery fee.

Clothing and Other Necessities

The convenience of online shopping doesn't end with groceries.  Buying children's clothing or your own online is also convenient.  You and your child can peruse clothing on the Internet without ever having to set foot in a store and take a number of clothes into a dressing room to try them all on.

When you have more responsibilities than you have hours, cutting corners is a necessity.  While you don't want to skimp on the time you have for your family and work, you can easily save time by shopping online.  Not only do you save the actual shopping time, but all the travel time, too.
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