How I Went from 17K to 350K+ Monthly Page Views in 9 Months by Lena Gott: A Book Review

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If you’ve been blogging for several years now, you might have noticed your page views slipping.  There are now so many blogs and so many different social media platforms that competition for readers’ valuable time is fierce.  However, you don’t have to resign yourself to lower audience numbers.

Lena Gott, the blogger behind, was in the same position not long ago.  She had only 17K page views per month despite spending hours daily on her blog.  In her frustration, she began researching strategies to increase her page views.  In just nine short months, she grew her blog to 350K page views per month.  Using the strategies she outlines in her ebook, How I Went from 17K to350K+ Monthly Page Views in 9 Months: 17 Strategies I Used & What I Learned Along the Way, you, too, can increase your monthly page views, perhaps dramatically!

Book Contents

Have you ever wanted to hire someone to look at your blog with fresh eyes and give you an outsider’s opinion of what you should delete, change, and improve?  If you read this book, that’s exactly what you’ll get!  Gott teaches you how to look at your blog the way new visitors do so that you’ll be able to improve your blog’s design and content.

The book contains the following chapters:

Introduction: Leaving Your Comfort Zone & What Is Possible With More Page Views
Step 1: Narrowing Your Blog’s Focus
Step 2: How to Evaluate Your Content for Shareability
Step 3: Low Payback Tasks You Can Stop Doing Right Now
Step 4: How to Duplicate Your Blogging Successes
Step 5: A Few Words on Thoughtful Keyword Selection
Step 6: Social Platform Focus – Why More on Fewer Platforms = More
Step 7: Stumble Upon Tips & Tricks
Step 8: Landing Pages for Related Content
Step 9: Interlinking Secrets
Step 10: How to Showcase Your Popular Posts
Step 11: Making Your Navigation Bar Work for You
Step 12: Leveraging Google+, the Not-So-Extinct Social Media Platform
Step 13: Calculate Your Goals
Step 14: Test New Things Constantly
Step 15: Target Holiday Traffic
Step 16: Writing……a LOT
Step 17: Blogger Education: How to Continuously Improve Your Craft
Beyond Step 17: What’s Next?

How to Use This Book

This ebook is relatively short at approximately 80 pages, but there is A LOT of information here!  I’d recommend that you follow Gott’s suggestion to read the ebook in its entirety and then to go back and implement the steps one by one.  Don’t be surprised if you need several months to implement all of the changes she recommends.

Why This Book Is So Useful

There are many ebooks out there that tell you how to pick a focus for your blog, or how to earn more from affiliate income, or how to use social media to your advantage.  However, Gott covers all of this in her ebook.

She first asks you to look at the bones of your blog.  Do you have a specific focus?  Do you have a narrow list of topics that you write about so your reader knows what to expect from you, or do you write about everything and anything?  If your blog consists of the latter, the first thing you’ll need to do is narrow your focus.  Gott gives excellent strategies for how to do this.

Once you have a blog with a narrower focus, you can appeal to a more specific audience.  Gott explains how to make pin-worthy images as well as the ideal picture size for both Pinterest and Facebook.  (They’re not the same!)

Best of all, Gott understands that most bloggers don’t have endless time to devote to their blogs.  Gott explains what tasks you should attack first and what additional work you can do IF you have the time.  Gott is all about prioritizing and making the most of your time.

Final Thoughts about This Ebook

I read many, many ebooks, but this one got me genuinely excited about concrete ways I can improve my blog and increase my readership.  Gott has done all of the hard work of researching strategies for improving your blog, and she shares them in this ebook.

I’ve already started to use some of Gott’s strategies and look forward to seeing how my blog can grow this year.  If you’re frustrated by stagnant blog view numbers or you just want to increase the number of visitors you have every month, you won’t be disappointed by this ebook.

Get the book now for just $25. It's a very tip-filled resource that is, in my opinion, well worth the cost!


  1. I'm curious, have you seen a growth in traffic after reading this book?

  2. Hi, April! I have tried the tactics for a few weeks now, and I've seen a small bump. It takes a lot of dedication and continues practice for many months to see this work. But it does work :)


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