Welcome to the 1099 Mom!

I'm Linsey Knerl, a mom of 6, homeschooler, gardener, tech-junkie, public speaker, blogger, consultant, drummer.... (you get the picture.)

Chances are good that you've found this blog because you've wanted to know more about working from home.  You're tired of the 9-5 grind that keeps you from your kids, your family, and your passions.  You don't believe in your heart that you should have to stuff your identity as a mom, a wife, and a wonderfully-created woman into the closet while you put on your "business pants" and earn that much-needed paycheck.  You know that you bring something amazing to the work world, and it's beginning to feel like time to make it on your own.

This blog is a product of 7 years of working from home as the primary bread winner, while my loving husband and children help in our home business.  It is designed to help you:

1. Learn more about working from home and if it is right for you.
2. Figure out what work-from home jobs are best suited for you and your lifestyle.
3. Find the perfect job.
4. Manage the issues the arise from working at home, such as balancing family duties, paying taxes, and taking care of you.
5. Grow your business, be more productive, and achieve goals like never before.

If you'd like to know more about me, you can visit the Knerl Family Media website, or my media page at LillePunkin (my full time lifestyle blog).  

The kids
You are more than welcome to ask questions as you go. Just post to our wall over at Facebook, tweet at us, or shoot me an email at linsey{at}knerlfamilymedia.com.

You've found the perfect place to explore, make friends, and pursue your dreams!  You're ready to do it for real, this time.

You're a 1099 Mom.

Questions? Comments? Contact us!


  1. Only if I had that kind of joy...Smile from ear to ear.

  2. 1099 mom- I would like to ask for your advice on a work from home court researcher position that I applied to.


    1. Was. There an answer.to that.one?

    2. Please feel free to direct your questions to me at linsey @ knerlfamilymedia.com. I can answer the best I can. Thanks!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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