Are You a Night Owl?

Many of the WAHM's I talk to admit to staying up really, really late.  This can be a good thing:  Moms can work while the little ones are in bed -- without distraction.  It can also be a bad thing.  It can limit the number of sleep hours you get and can take away from time with your spouse (or even by yourself.)  Here are a few tips for making the night thing work for you AND your family:

1.  Stick to a schedule

It's probably OK to stay up a bit later from time to time for very important project deadlines or special issues.  Try to stay within a 30-minute to 1 hour variation of your normal bedtime, however, to avoid messing up your body's natural cycle.  If you stay up later, be sure to continue waking up at the normal time.  (You don't want to mess up everyone else's schedule, too!)

2.  Practice good ergonomics and work habits

It's easy to slump over in a recliner, Cheetos in hand, and with poor lighting -- especially at 2 am.  If you work outside of your daily routine, be sure to employ proper work habits, anyway.  You don't want to strain your eyes, your back, or your diet.

3.  Take time to unwind

Screen time can make it difficult to fall asleep and stay there -- especially when done within the 30 minutes before you retire.  If you are working late, take at least 10 minutes before you head to bed to relax with some music, a shower, or a massage from your spouse (let us know how you manage to score that last one.)

4.  Don't forget the V.I.P's

If you are constantly hearing "when are you coming to bed?" from your spouse, or you can't remember the last time you brushed your teeth before bed, you may have a problem.  Prioritize you and your mate as the most important people in the household.  If you are single, then use that extra hubby time as your own.  Your house can't manage without you, so take care!

What tips do you have for managing the evening grind?

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