The Best and Worst April Fool's Day Business Emails

Today is a holiday that the 1099 Mom is on the fence about:  April Fool's Day.

Here's why:  Every year, well-meaning websites and businesses try to lure their customers into reading, buying, or signing up for something in exchange for being tricked.  It's sort of the commercial version of Halloween, and I can see the humor in it.  This year, I received a few more customer emails than usual, and I'd like to highlight the best and the worst.

The Best

At first, I thought that this email was cheesy.  It's obviously an April Fool's reference (and seems to be more sarcastic than pranky.)

  It did, however, get me to open the link (which takes you to the page above).  For the record, however, I didn't buy anything.

The Worst 

Sorry, Brookstone.  This one just made me cringe... (how many people will dismiss this email due to the timing, alone?)  What were they thinking when they sent this out on April Fool's?  They may have had legal reasons to send it as soon as possible, but I got it at 11:01 pm, which means that they may have waited until the holiday was over for them, but for CST, MST, and PST customers, the tricks were far from over.

Did you like or loathe any attempts at companies to get your business on the trickiest day of the year? Maybe you have stories of how you pull pranks on your small business customers.  Dish in the comments!

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