Confessions of a 1099 Mom: I Do It For the Rush

Today we introduce a new feature, called "Confessions of a 1099 Mom."  We hope to share the not-so-glamorous side of working from home, as well as some of the secrets 1099 Moms have.  The theme for our first confessions is being an adrenaline or stress junkie.

"I admit to getting freaked out often.  I also admit to liking it.  Working from home, raising the kids, and everything that comes along with it is overwhelming.  My to-do list grows and grows, and even though I get a lot done, I still keep adding to the list -- often more than any one person could do in a day.  I then flit from task to task, sometimes getting anxious about how much I have to do in so little time.  It gets my heart racing, and I'm afraid that it may be strangely addicting." 
What do you think of this Mom's confession?  Do you ever feel like being a 1099 Mom is stressful or scary, but like how you feel when you get it all done?  Share with us in the comments (we won't tell!)

Do you have a confession for future segment?  It can be regarding working from home, parenting, or how you handle being a 1099 spouse.  Contact us with your idea.  (Your name will be withheld at your request.) 

*Photo credit: DVIDSHUB via Flickr

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