Confessions of a 1099 Mom: I Let the TV Babysit my Kids

We bring you another part of our admission series, called "Confessions of a 1099 Mom."  We hope to share the not-so-glamorous side of working from home, as well as some of the secrets 1099 Moms have.  The theme for our first confessions is letting the TV babysit your kids.

 "I have days when I just can't get enough done!  I resort to allowing the children to watch way more TV and play way more video games than I'm sure is good for them.  While I don't do this all the time, when I'm too far behind, or especially when I'm ill, I won't interrupt their screen time if their quiet and happy.  I feel a little guilty, because it tends to make them a bit zombie-fied.  They are extra tired after a day of too much TV, even a bit owly.  This never happens two days in a row, however, as I do feel guilty enough to lay out books and activities for the next day -- just in case I am tempted to let the TV babysit again."

What do you think of this Mom's confession?  Do you ever feel like being a 1099 Mom is stressful or scary, but like how you feel when you get it all done?  Share with us in the comments (we won't tell!)

Do you have a confession for future segment?  It can be regarding working from home, parenting, or how you handle being a 1099 spouse.  Contact us with your idea.  (Your name will be withheld at your request.) 

*Photo by vauvau via Flickr.


  1. I do this exact same thing, and I do feel guilty. But I know that it's not every day, and if I worked outside the home, my kids wouldn't get nearly as much one on one time with me as they do now. No need to feel mom guilt for this; we feel guilty too much as it is.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Mary! I'm sure our confessing Mom will appreciate your perspective (as do I). Hope your holiday was a great one!


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