1099 Cheap: 90% off Wibiya Social Media Toolbar and Tracker

If you work with blogs and websites and are dying to have a competant toolbar add-on for your site that lets your readers share via social media, we've got a cheap treat for your!  I recently installed the Wibiya toolbar for 1099 Mom (see it below), and although it's free, an annual membership for the premium version is normally $120.  For a limited time through AppSumo, you can get it for just $10!

There are many things I love about this widget, in addition to it being available for Blogger.  It is customizeable to include your choice of dozens of apps that track user activity, make it easy to share, and even give a snapshot of your most recent posts with the touch of a button.  It is fully-functional upon installation (which is cake, by the way), and you can add new apps or edit existing apps to suit your changing needs.  The color scheme can match your blog, too!

Please note that this deal is only good through the next 6 days, and that when you make your purchase, you will be required to use the AppSumo-specific password provided to register your new account.  Within 10 days, your free version will automatically be upgraded to the premium for the next year.

At a savings of over $100, this is a no-lose opportunity for your website or blog.  To get started, visit AppSumo, an look for the featured deal for the Wibiya account!


  1. $10 for Wibya is amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. We thought it was a pretty neat little find ;)


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