Your Reputation is Everything

Everyone knows that much of a small business depends of word-of-mouth, quality referrals, and a a supportive community.  What happens when your business or person is attacked by negativity or even untruths about your brand?  Business can suffer greatly.

While reputation management is a hot-button issue for online entrepreneurs, it's also important to keep your private details private (especially for those with children.) That's why we suggest that all 1099 Moms learn how to remove personal information from the internet.  In addition to making sure your children's names and cell phone numbers are secure, you'll want to keep information about divorce, bankruptcy, and any pending lawsuits under wraps.  It's best for business, but also for your family.

Sites like are designed to take the guesswork and fuss out of keeping tabs on who is saying what about you and your business.  With moms being busy enough as just "moms", managing your business rep is another thing many of us don't have time for.  Whether it's a negative review on a customer feedback site, or a blogger saying untrue things about your company, it's important to take the time to check out what others are sharing about your brand -- and clear the air immediately.

Have you had something bad published about you or your business online?  How did you deal with it?  Have you ever used an online service like

*This is a compensated post and should not be considered professional reputation management advice. Opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I have to agree that our reputation is everything. There are multi million dollar companies that have built their companies simply on word of mouth. That is why customer satisfaction is important. However that being said there are also customers and competitors (unsavory granted) who will slander you if not careful it is something I will look into closer.

  2. Thanks for replying! It's true that you need to be very careful that you check reviews. You don't want to have unhappy customers ruin your rep :)


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