Why Not Offer Personal Assistant Services?

As Americans become busier and busier and work longer hours, they are relying on others to help their lives run smoothly.  From housekeepers to gardeners to personal assistants, they are increasingly outsourcing the small tasks they do not have the time to complete.  Personal assistants are no longer just employed by celebrities.  If you live near an urban area, you could offer personal assistant services.

One of the perks of being a personal assistant is that you will never be bored; your days will never be the same.  One day might find you picking up dry cleaning, and the next day you could be shopping for a present for your employer’s child.

How to Find a Job as a Personal Assistant

Often these jobs are available through word-of-mouth referrals, so you may want to volunteer for non-profit organizations and network.  Demonstrate that you are capable, and offer to take on additional tasks for the organizations where you volunteer.

You can look for a job as a personal assistant in your local newspaper or you can take the search online and look at sites like Monster.com.  You might even check Craigslist.  Alternatively, you can post a job offering to work as a personal assistant or go through ProfessionalDomestic Services and Institute.

Additional Training

The International Association of AdministrativeProfessionals offers certification that may help you more easily find a job.  In addition, the StarkeyInternational Institute offers several programs of further study from The Household Management Program to the Certified Private Service Wine and Sommelier and a few more.
While taking these courses is not necessary to become a personal assistant, they may help you look more professional and more easily obtain a job.

Qualities Needed To Be a Personal Assistant

Personal assistants may often need to work nights and weekends, and they may need to attend social functions, so a flexible schedule is necessary.  In addition, reliability and punctuality are also necessary as is being an organized individual.  You should also be good at multi-tasking and work well under pressure.

Working as a personal assistant can be an enjoyable job that is never boring.  However, to be a good personal assistant, it is important to be punctual and reliable.  Additional training is available if you feel it would make you a more suitable candidate.

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