How to Make a Living Selling Beauty Products

Do you enjoy helping people look their best?  Are you outgoing and social?  If so, you may enjoy selling beauty products.

Within the beauty products market, there are two major large companies— Avon and Mary Kay.  While the details about each vary, they work roughly the same.
How to Start Selling Beauty Products

1.                Sign up under another associate who may serve as your mentor. 

2.                Buy a selling kit.  These can cost as little as $10 for Avon to as much as $100 for Mary Kay.  You will get the materials you need to begin selling, including promotional materials and catalogues, if applicable.  Mary Kay also includes a supply of their products that you can use for product demonstrations at parties.

3.                Hold parties.  One great way to make a commission is to host parties where you show women the product and offer to give them makeovers.  Then they can decide if they want to buy the product for daily use.

Ways to Make Additional Money

1.                 Have others sign up under you.  As your business grows, you may meet people who would also like to sell beauty products.  If they sign up under you, you make a portion of every one of their sales.  This can create a nice passive stream of income.

2.                Start a website.  Mary Kay and Avon both encourage you to set up your own website.  You can then offer sales there, too, in addition to in person sales.  This is a great way to reach a wider audience.

3.                Have unique parties.  Most people are familiar with the traditional party where a sales woman demonstrates the beauty product, but in recent years, saleswomen have taken this a step further and have begun to offer to do the make up for wedding parties, for instance.  This may be a great way to make lifelong clients.

4.                Market seasonal products.  Both Avon and Mary Kay roll out cute seasonal products for the holidays, when most people are likely to be a bit freer with their spending.  Marketing these seasonal products can give you a nice income boost.

Selling beauty products is not for everyone, but if you are outgoing, enjoy using make up, and have a large circle of friends, you may enjoy working with others to help them discover the right beauty products.  This career is also compatible for moms who only want to work part-time, as your hours will largely be flexible and under your control.

Do you have experience selling makeup and beauty supplies?  What would you tell our readers?

Photo by Trostle via Flickr.

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