Review of Get Published in Parenting and Family Magazines: Make Money to Write about Your Kids

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As a mom, you probably have times when you share stories with friends about the funny things your kids have said or done.  Maybe you share with friends the struggles you have with your kids or your kids are having.  What may not occur to you is to turn these instances into fodder for articles you may write and have published.  However, after you read Kerrie McLoughlin’s ebook, Get Published in Parenting andFamily Magazines: Make Money to Write about Your Kids, you may look at everything your kid does and that happens to you in a different light.

Kerrie McLoughlin is an accomplished writer who has been published in many parenting magazines, and she shares the knowledge she has been acquiring since 2008 in her ebook.  This is a great resource for any writer looking to break into writing for parenting magazines.

Book Features

Helpful Tips and Hints for Beginning

The beginning of the book contains several helpful suggestions for writers including 14 steps to getting published and 16 suggestions for generating ideas. 

Step-by-Step Guidance through the Submission Process

The next part of the book delves into the actual process of submitting your articles to magazines.  McLoughlin includes general submission guidelines such as what personal information to include as well as the timeline for submitting seasonal pieces.  She also offers the following sections that new writers will find especially helpful:

  • Local Sidebars and Quotes 
  • Exclusivity, Simultaneous Submissions and Rights 
  • An Overview of Cover and Query Letters 
  •  Sample E-mail Cover Letter 
  • Sample Query Letter 
  • Your Author Website 
  • Your Reprint List 
  • Taking on Assignments: Just Do It! 
  • Getting Paid 
  • Sample Invoice 
  • Keeping Track 
  • Start Submitting  
  • Movin' Up

McLoughlin has four years’ experience submitting to parenting magazines, and it shows.  She guides the potential reader through all of the pitfalls such as not getting paid to all of the benefits such as obtaining paid assignments and moving from regional parenting magazines to national ones.

List of Regional and National Magazines

The majority of the ebook is comprised of an alphabetical list of regional and national parenting magazines to which you may want to submit your work.  This section is a rich resource as it includes contact information, types and length of work they are looking for, and how much each publication generally pays.  Some of the entries include quotes from editors such as tips to get published in their magazine and what they look for in writers and submissions.

At the end of this section, McLoughlin includes a quick guide that lists the publication name, the e-mail contact, what state the magazine is located in, and how much it generally pays.


The last section of the ebook is a list of resources that will help you hone your skills as a writer and also market your work.

The Cost

The ebook by itself is available for $19.85.  However, McLoughlin has recently added a new feature—she is willing to critique a few of your articles.  If you choose this option, you will pay $50 to get the ebook and have her critique three of your articles that you would like to submit to parenting magazines.
In addition, she has an affiliate program in place that will pay you $5 for every book that is purchased through your referral link.

The Verdict

I bought this ebook myself, and, as I am new to trying to get published in regional and national parenting magazines, I found the information valuable and well-worth the $19.85 I paid.  I also hired Kerrie for an article critique, and I appreciated the time she put into the critique. 

If you subscribe to her e-mail list, she will also e-mail you any updates to the book such as a change of editor and contact information for a publication so you can keep your contact list up to date.  If you dream of being published in parenting magazines, this ebook may just help you make those dreams come true.  Visit this link to find out more info or to download today!

Looking for more info on Kerrie McLoughlin?  Check out our interview!

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