Review of ExpoTV and Tryology: Sample Products and Earn Swag

UPDATE: As of 10/1/2015, this program has been discontinued. The post will remain here as a reference, but it is no longer available for new signups, sampling, or opportunities.

I don't often spend time sharing ways to get free samples or earn through surveys (unless it's for cash.)  I've reached a point in my work-at-home mom career that money talks, and I won't work for free (or ketchup.)  I do like trying out new programs to tell you about, however, because sometimes a good one does come along.  Is ExpoTV a good one?

I signed up for this program a few months back, after I heard that some members were getting really big items to try out: tools sheds, lawnmowers, and the like.  Unlike other programs, you are not reviewing these on your blog.  You are making quick little videos with your flipcam or cell phone and posting them to the Expo site.  You hand over the rights to your work, but in exchange, you get to tell your real opinions are products you use everyday and earn points for good stuff.

There are two types of reviews you can do:

1) Sample reviews.  You will actually get an item in the mail to try for no charge.  So far, in the two months I've been a part of the program, I've gotten Duracell batteries, a Chuck the Talking Truck toy, and some MorningStar Burgers.  You generally don't get any points for sharing your feedback on the free stuff.

2) General reviews.  There are lots of these available, because you don't have to wait for a sample.  By looking at all the review opportunities that are available, it's safe to say you could talk about most anything.  There are opportunities to do a video on a particular brand of razors, for example.  You get a few hundred to a thousand points for each review you do that is uploaded and approved.

Signing up for the program is free, and you have to upload at least one video review to be approved before you can be eligible for the sample opportunities.  You get points for just applying for the samplings, however, so you always want to at least try.  In the two months I've been a member, I've earned enough to get a $20 Amazon gift card - and I got to keep the three products.  I have spent no more than about 10 minutes per video to shoot and upload.  For less than an hour of total time, I have received over $60 in perks.

If you are a mom trying to make it and you are tired of having to earn points for tiring surveys, this may be a good alternative! You can sign up for free at the ExpoTV website.

(Note: ExpoTV does have an outlook panel dedicated to taking surveys.  Again, I'm not a huge survey fan, so I didn't try out this part of the site. No compensation was received for this review.)

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