5 Ways for Moms to Turn Knowledge Into Cash

While I certainly admire those crafty moms with Etsy stores or the amazing patience to start a daycare, I'm known more for my ideas and problem-solving skills.  Many people mistakenly assume that you have to provide a service in your home or sell a tangible product to make a living as a work-at-home mom.  However, here are 5 ways to use what's in your head to create a little cash for your family.

1. Create lesson plans.  So many moms are homeschooling these days, and many more just want to keep kids busy with educational activities that they can do after school, on the weekend, and during boring summers.  If you have ideas for teaching kids how to learn (whether it be printables, lesson plans, or study tips), you can create printable documents that can be sold online at a profit. You can get started designing and selling your plans at sites like TeachersNotebook.com - which lets you keep 100% of your profits for items you sell!

2. Consult for businesses.  If you've ever done anything successfully, there's an opportunity for you to consult for someone. Just what you consult about depends on your experiences.  Generally, if anyone has ever asked you "how do you do that?", you have the chance to consult professionally.  Examples of consulting businesses that friends of mine have started have included:
  • daycare consultant - helps new daycare facilities get up and running, apply for grants, and become state accredited
  • social media consultant - teaches business how to run successful social media campaigns, as well as interact with customers via social media
  • business coach - helps moms with the details of running a small business, including handling payroll, finding affordable materials, and paying taxes
Note that you aren't usually doing any of the tasks for them.  Consultants earn money by listening to the issues or concerns and then brainstorming viable solutions that can be implemented.  Some consultants charge a one time or hourly fee.  Others can be put on retainer ($400 - $4,000 a month for unlimited services.)

3.  Make menus.  Have you seen all the interest that has been generated for moms to create healthy, affordable meals that fit into their schedules?  Moms are making money with all things menu-related, whether it be via virtual cookbooks, membership sites, menu planners, or the actual plans themselves. 

4.  Give webinars.  If you have a  particular story to tell or skill to teach, and you can't do it via a document, you may be the perfect candidate to share your knowledge via a webinar.  Setting one up is a cinch, provided you have the right equipment.  Webinar topics have ranged from how to declutter your home to disciplining children.   Sites like GoToWebinar can help you get started for free.

5.  Creat ebooks.  Some ebooks are as professional as those put out by major publishing houses (and they take years to get right.)  If you just want to share a small amount of information (like 10 reasons to start a particular business, for example), most of the services offered by Amazon should work.

Have you been able to make a little extra cash by turning your ideas into help for others? I'd love to hear about it!  Feel free to link to your product in the comments.


  1. These are great ideas and you gave me an idea for a new way to earn with what I know.

    I do know people who have done eCourses. They are relatively cheap and simple to make, I assume and heard. I haven't done any. But I have grabbed a few and they are really nice if you don't like to read.


  2. So glad we could inspire you! I get some of my best ideas from other moms, and there is so much opportunity these days. Good luck, and let us know what you end up doing!

  3. I love the consultant idea. I had a local business approach me about getting a blog set up. I don't really have the time to give my advice away for free. (Advice I spent six years learning about on my own.) But I'm also not interested in creating a new "job" for myself by doing all their blogging and social media work. A consultant role would be perfect so you've given me some food for thought. Thanks!

  4. Hi, Julie! I have had the same things happen to me, and after either ignoring inquiries because I don't have time to answer or giving away info for free, my husband said, "Why don't you offer to charge for the info?" I don't have time to write ebooks and such right now, but I always have time for an hour phone call where I can charge a consultant fee. Good luck!


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