Book Review: The Bootstrap VA by Lisa Morosky

If you want to be a virtual assistant or you already are one and want to grow your business, The Bootstrap VA by Lisa Morosky is the book for you. Even if you aren't interested in being a VA, this book can be a very helpful resources for work at home moms.

Lisa Morosky has built a successful career working as a virtual assistant for some of the biggest bloggers in the blogosphere. Her career started on a fluke when she responded to someone on Twitter who was looking for a VA. She juggled her VA job with her full-time job, but as she gained more clients, she eventually took the leap of faith and quit her job to be a full-time VA. She hasn't looked back since.

Book Features 

This book is chock full of information. In fact, you'll probably want to read it a few times to gather all the useful information. At a little over 150 pages, this ebook has 16 chapters as well as bonus information.

While each chapter is valuable, some of the ones that that contained the most important information are as follows: 

Chapter 10: Alternative Income Streams for Virtual Assistants--Morosky encourages virtual assistants to expand their income making opportunities. To make sure you have money coming in from multiple places, she suggests exploring blog advertising, affiliate marketing, consulting, selling information products, speaking engagements, and developing multiple blogs.

Chapter 11: Time Management for Virtual Assistants--The most important piece of advice Morosky offers in this chapter is that you teach your clients how to treat you. If you don't work nights and weekends, then don't respond to e-mails during those times. Otherwise, if you're available all the time, you indirectly teach your clients to expect you to be available 24/7. The other important piece of information is that you must set boundaries so you're not working 14 hour days (unless you want to). Morosky has had her share of long days, so she speaks from experience.

Chapter 14: Interviews: Advice from Virtual Assistants--Morosky interviews several working VAs who share how they got started as well as the tips they have for new VAs just starting out. These interviews are valuable as they can give new VAs an idea of how their careers may develop and the tasks they may do.

Chapter 15: Interviews: Advice from Clients--Perhaps even more important is the next chapter, which offers the flip side, asking clients about their experience working with VAs. Through this chapter, readers learn how these people found their VAs, what they look for in a VA as well as what are red flags for them (hint--respond to e-mails promptly). Study this chapter carefully and you can learn exactly what clients are looking for.

Other Important Information 

At the end of each chapter, Morosky gives valuable link resources, each of which can help you learn more techniques and strategies to implement what she discussed in the chapter.

At the end of the book, Morosky offers 3 bonuses.
  • First, she breaks the content of the book into a 30 day reading guide and action plan. Read the book in its entirety first and then follow her step-by-step guide to implementing the advice she gave throughout the book. This can help people who may be overwhelmed by all the information in the book to digest it slowly and implement it in pieces. 
  • Second, she offers all who buy her book access to the Bootstrap VA Facebook Group. This group is a place where people can go to ask Morosky questions as well as get support from one another and bounce ideas off on others. 
  • Third, she offers one-on-one virtual assistant consulting to those who still would like or need more assistance launching their virtual assistant careers. 
Is The Bootstrap VA Right for You?

This book review has only scratched the surface of the information that is available in the book. If you want to be a VA or you already are a VA and would like to expand your business, this book is essential reading. If you're not a VA but would like to work at home or already are, this book is also valuable.

Morosky is a smart business woman and she offers valuable advice to work at home moms as to how to grow their business and keep their clients satisfied, whether or not they are VAs. You can snag this book for the Kindle or Kindle app at Amazon. 

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