How to Become a Google Trusted Photographer

If photography is your passion, why not make it your career? Google, the world's No. 1 search engine, offers professional and experienced photographers the opportunity to work for them. Take your photography skills and apply them to taking high quality, detailed photographs of businesses and other locations for use with Google's many services, including Google Maps, Street View, virtual tours of stores, and Image Results.

As a Trusted Photographer for Google, you'll have the opportunity to generate income from doing what you love: photographing.
With Google's free training and extensive support, you'll photograph local businesses using your own tools and knowledge, then use Google's provided online tools to process your photos and upload them to Google. Google's Become a Trusted Photographer Today page has more details on the types of photo shoots you'll be doing and how your photos may be used. And Maz Matin has valuable information and tips about photographing for Google, plus a great video that breaks down the application process works.

One thing to keep in mind about becoming a Trusted Photographer for Google is that you need more than excellent photography skills and professional equipment. You'll also need to be able to commit a minimum of 30 hours per week to the Business Photos Trusted Photographer program, and be able to get out there and hit the pavement, literally, and interact with businesses on a tele-sales level.

If this all sounds great to you, here's how to get started with the Google Trusted Photographer program: 

1. Take stock of your camera equipment. A high quality DSLR camera body is a must, as are lenses capable of capturing crisp, clear photos. If you haven't used your camera in a while, take it to a camera shop for a quick inspection and cleaning.

2. Be ready at home with the essentials: a computer with a high-speed internet connection, and a Gmail account.

3. Make sure you already have a business site set up for your photography. If you don't, now would be a good time to launch one, even if it's nothing more than a basic portfolio that showcases your best work.

4. Fill out Google's Interested Photographer application. Make sure you fill out each field correctly and completely, and take some time to answer the most pertinent question on the form: "Why do you think you would be successful as a Google Business Photos Trusted Photographer?". Google is more than servers and bots, so you can rest assured that a real person will be reading your application. Aim to impress!

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