Book Review - How to Blog for Profit (Without Selling Your Soul) by Ruth Soukop

What if you could learn how to grow your blog in ways that extend beyond link ups and SEO?  What if you could ask a seasoned blogger how she earns enough money from her blog that her husband could quit his job and come work with her?  What if you could read one book and learn more information about blogging and making money with your blog than you could if you attended several blog conferences?

You could learn and do all of the above simply by purchasing Ruth Soukop's new ebook, How to Blog forProfit (Without Selling Your Soul).

Book Contents

If you don't know, Ruth Soukop is the force behind the popular blog, Living Well Spending Less.  In just 3 years time, she's grown her blog and made enough money to realize her dream of having her husband quit his job to work with her.  This book explains how she did that.

Chapter 1:  We All Have to Start Somewhere
Soukop recounts her own bumpy start as a blogger and urges other bloggers to be original.  Don't compare yourself to others and certainly don't imitate others.  Write what you're passionate about.  According to Soukop, you won't get anywhere without awesome content, a regular blogging schedule that you adhere to, and an attractive design.

Chapter 2:  Content Is King. . . 

Soukop is a firm believer that blog content is king, and in chapter two, she gives strategies for developing killer content including having a blog editorial calendar, brainstorming, and writing your posts weeks in advance.

Chapter 3:  . . .But Presentation Is Everything
A great deal of Soukop's blog growth has come from Pinterest.  In order to enjoy the same blog growth, every picture must be pinworthy.  Soukop explains how to make that happen.  Also, don't forget to make your blog design attractive.

Chapter 4:  Building Blog Traffic The Old School Way
Before she jumps into Pinterest, Soukop shares the traditional ways to grow your blog (SEO, link parties, promoting others).  These are important, and Soukop gives good suggestions, but it's clear that most of her energy is for Pinterest, which she tackles in the next chapter.

Chapter 5:  Building Blog Traffic Through Viral Growth  
If you want to experience the magic of Pinterest to grow your blog, this chapter should be essential reading.  A mini-primer on Pinterest, this chapter is full of rock solid strategies to grow your blog and your Pinterest following.  In fact, Soukop believes if there is only one social media avenue you utilize, Pinterest should be it because the ROI is so high.  However, to really benefit from Pinterest's traffic, you must have a blog filled with awesome content.

Chapter 6:  Show Me the Money  
The most interesting section of this chapter highlights the way several successful bloggers earn their income, and no two earn it the same way.

Chapter 7:  Profit Through Ad Networks
You can earn money from ad networks, and Soukop covers the many ad networks available as well as the traditional ways to place ads and profit.

Chapter 8:  Profit Through Affiliate Advertising
Surprisingly, most of Soukop's income does not come from affiliate advertising.  Still, she offers strategies for using affiliate marketing on your blog without feeling spammy to your readers.  She also notes that some blogs naturally lend themselves to affiliate advertising while others don't.

Chapter 9:  Profit Through Private Advertising & Working with Brands
If you haven't yet created an advertising kit, this is the chapter for you.  Soukop not only explains how to create one but also gives a sample of her own advertising kit.  In addition, she stresses that it's important not to accept advertising from just anyone who asks.  Instead, set the parameters for the kind of advertising you want to accept before you receive any offers.

Chapter 10:  Profit Through Selling Your Talents or Stuff
There are many ways you can use your blog as a platform to offer other services to make money including writing an ebook, writing posts for others, or developing a course.  Soukop gives plenty of ideas and examples.

Chapter 11:  Work Smarter, Not Harder
Part of the reason Soukop's blog is a success is because she's so organized.  The last chapter of the book explains how she organizes, and she even gives free organizing worksheets if you, too, would like to follow her method.  If you're juggling plenty of roles, following Soukop's organizational method will likely help you to be more efficient.

Is This Book for You?

If there is only one ebook you buy this year about blogging, I highly recommend buying this book.  *At only $4.99, it's a stealI would pay much, much more for the information in this book.  Unless you're already a widely successful blogger making a great income, you, too, can benefit from reading this book.

*Aff links used. Opinions are our own.

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