How Much Money Do You Need to Become a Work-at-Home Mom?

For years, I wanted to quit my full-time job and work from home while caring for my children.  However, it took me years to take the leap because I was worried that I wouldn't bring in enough money to help support my family.

However, what I discovered is that working at home actually requires that I make less money because I have fewer expenses.
If you, too, would like to make the leap to working at home, consider how these costs would change if you were no longer employed outside the home:


How much money would you save by not driving back and forth to work every day?  If you'd put fewer miles on the car working from home, how much will you save every year on car repairs or maintenance?  The savings could be significant, especially if you currently have a long drive.


If you have to have a professional wardrobe, how much would you save if you didn't have to wear those clothes and pay to have them dry cleaned every week?  Working at home often allows you to wear casual clothing, which can easily be washed with no extra care.  Plus, consider that you'll have to buy fewer clothes, and because you'll wear casual clothes, they'll be cheaper to buy than professional ones.


How much do you pay for lunch out when at work?  I used to eat out with colleagues once or twice a week.  We didn't go anywhere fancy, but I easily saved $10 to $15 a week, or $40 to $60 a month, when I quit my job.

Day Care

Child care can be very expensive.  If you're able to eliminate it all together or reduce the amount of time you need because you're now home, you could save hundreds of dollars a month.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Do you work in an office where you're asked to donate $20 here for a gift or bring a dish to pass for a party?  Those little expenses add up and can largely be eliminated when you work from home.

Before you decide that you can't afford to work from home, consider how many expenses you'll eliminate.  Chances are, you don't need to make as much working at home as you do when you're employed outside the home because you will have fewer expenses.

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