How to Set Up a Play Area In Your Home Office

If you work at home and your children are there with you, one of the best things you can do to get more work done is to set up a home office play area for your kids.  Your kids will likely enjoy playing close to you, and you can work while keeping a close eye on the kids.

What you include in your home office play area depends on your children's ages.

Give The Kids a Little Office

If your kids are 3 or older, you may want to create a mini-office for them.  Many children like to imitate their parents when they play, so why not give them the tools to imitate you hard at work?  You might give them pencils, pens, paper, a small desk.  If you have mini play laptops for the kids, set those on the desk.  Of course, don't forget other basic kids' play staples like markers and crayons.  A toy cell phone might also be good.

If you also homeschool, this area could double as a place for your children to do their independent studies.

A Play Area for the Littles

For younger children, consider creating a fun play area, but be mindful not to include toys that are too loud or repetitive.  If you include talking toys, chances are you'll be distracted and unable to work effectively.  Instead, consider classic toys like blocks and dress up clothes.  Also, if you have the wall space, consider adding a large chalkboard for the kids to draw on.  A comfy space to read books as well as a few full bookshelves should help keep the kids occupied.

Creating a play area in your home office can help you keep  an eye on the kids while being productive.  Chances are your children will also like the arrangement because they get to "work" with you and be near you.

What else would you recommend adding to a home office play area?

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