How To Protect Your Children If You Post Their Photos Online

Though there are risks to posting your child's photosonline, many people like to share.  Whether you're sharing photos on Facebook or on you blog, sharing photos of our kids makes us feel connected.

If you choose to publicly your kids photos, take these steps to protect both your children and the images you share:

1.  Only post modest photos. 

Avoid posting photos of your kids in compromising positions or clothing, such as having a temper tantrum or only wearing their underwear.  Your child will soon grow into a teen, and she likely won't want these kinds of photos on the Internet for all to see.

2.  Don't use your children's names. 

If you blog and share your kids' images, try to use a pseudonym rather than their real names.  That way, someone doing an Internet search will have more difficulty connecting the images of your child with your child's name.  When he applies for college or a job, someone searching the Internet by his name won't also see the photos.

3.  Use a watermark. 

Putting a watermark on your photo makes it harder for people to steal your photo, whether for advertising purposes or for more sinister purposes.  If you go this route, make sure you put the watermark some place where it can't be easily cropped out.

4.  Disable your GPS technology on your smartphone. 

If you take pictures of your kids on your phone and you haven't disable the GPS, anyone could easily see exactly where the picture was taken, including your home address.  You likely don't want to make it that easy for someone with sinister intents to find you.

5.  Tighten up your privacy settings. 

Posting photos on Facebook or other social sharing sites?  Tighten up your settings so only your friends can see the photos.  Often the default setting allows everyone to see your photos. 

If you'd like to share photos of your kids online, know that there are risks.  However, using these security measures can limit the risks to you and your children and help to make sure that your photos don't fall into the wrong hands.

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