What Should You Do for Your Clients at Christmas?

The holiday season is upon us, and with it more obligations, increased family time, and seemingly more responsibilities.

You may think that the holidays are a perfect time to take a break from work, but before you take that much needed break, take the time to thank your clients for working with you over the last year.

Why Should You Thank Your Clients?

There are many freelancers out there, but if your clients have chosen you and your services, you want to take the time to thank them for that.

In addition, you may even get new business.  One freelancer said she thanks her best customers by offering 2 to 5 hours of free work.  This offer shows your gratitude and may even spur your client to send more work your way.

In addition, your thoughtful thank you in the midst of a busy season will likely strengthen your relationship with your client.  You're showing the client that you are organized and efficient because you're sending out thank yous during a busy time of year.

If you worked with a client earlier in the year but have not worked with them for a few months, your thank you can jar the client's memory and just may lead them to ask you to do more work.

How Should You Thank Your Client?

Your thank you can be as simple as a greeting card with a sincere message of warm wishes and thanks, or you can also include a small gift.  You may also want to make sure that your business contact information is included in the bottom of the card.

Some freelancers do send thank yous through e-mail, but others frown on that practice.  If you have the client's address, an actual holiday card sent through the mail will likely have more impact than an e-mail.

This holiday season, take time out of your busy schedule to thank your clients for their repeat business.  You'll make a good impression, and you just might land some extra work, too.

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