Teach Others To Do What You Do To Grow Your Business

Does your business have a limit to how far it can grow?

For instance, if you're a freelance writer, your business is limited to the amount of time you have to write.  

If you're a day care provider, your business is limited to the number of children you can legally care for in your home.

Likely, your business does have a limit; most do.  For many work at home moms, that's okay.  But for others who would like to grow their business even further, there is another step to take to grow your business even if it's reached the limit of what you can provide.

Teach others to do what you do.

There are several ways this might play out in your business.

1.  You might hire a virtual assistant to do the simpler tasks that you no longer have time for but that must be done.  Depending on what you need, virtual assistants can answer e-mails, manage social media, the list goes on.  You'll then have more time to do the tasks that bring you the most money, and, hopefully, personal satisfaction.

2.  Another option is to train people to do the same work you do for themselves.  For instance, after her divorce, Joy Anderson decided to open up a preschool in her home so she could also care for her own children rather than put them in daycare.  She only worked a few hours a day at her preschool. 

Then, she decided to share the knowledge she had gained when researching how to open a preschool and turn that information into training materials at StartAPreschool.com.  Now, not only is she making money teaching preschool, but she's also earning money for the course she put together.  She grew her business by teaching others to do what she does.

You may even reach the point where you hire both a virtual assistant AND develop a course, book or some other method to teach others how to do what you do.  Now, that's a way to grow your business.

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