Your Guide to Taking Paid Surveys for Extra Cash by Anna Thurman: A Review

If you've read blogs for any amount of time, you've probably seen other bloggers write about getting paid to take surveys.  I, myself, have read many, many bloggers' posts about taking surveys, and I decided it wasn't worth my time.  Too many people wrote about not finding surveys to take, not getting paid, and a host of other problems.

I simply didn't want to take the time to find a reputable survey company.

Now, I don't have to take the time and neither do you because Anna Thurman, the blogger behind Real Ways to Earn Money Online, does all the work for you (and me) in her ebook, Your Guide to Taking Paid Surveys for Extra Cash.

Book Contents

Surveys Wont' Make You Rich:  Right from the beginning, Thurman stresses that taking surveys is not going to make you rich.  Rather, surveys are something that you can do in your free time, perhaps instead of watching television at night, to earn some extra money.  A reasonable expectation is to earn enough for a pizza with the family on Friday night.  Surveys can help pay for some of the "extras" you'd like to have in your budget.

Register With Many Survey Companies:  Thurman addresses the issue of not getting enough surveys to complete.   If you only register with one survey company, yes, you'll likely be frustrated because you're not offered enough surveys.  Instead, she recommends that you register with many survey companies so that a survey will always be available for you to complete.

Have a Separate E-mail Address for Surveys:  You'll likely get so many surveys (especially if you've registered with several companies) that you'll want to have a separate e-mail address just for surveys.

What Really Makes This Book Worthwhile

While the information in this book is informative, what makes this ebook most valuable is the huge list of survey companies Thurman includes.  She lists and describes 50 survey companies.  You'll learn how to apply, how well the company pays, what kind of surveys they offer, and what their payout threshold is.  In addition, if Thurman has used the company herself (and she's used at least 50% of them), she shares her personal experience with, and opinion of, the company.

Just for fun, she also includes a few survey companies that your kids ages 6 and up can register for with your approval, of course.

Lastly, if you're a blogger, Thurman explains how you can also make money as an affiliate for the survey companies.

Should You Buy This Book?

If you're looking for a way to help make ends meet or you're looking for something more productive to do when you're relaxing instead of watching television, you'll likely benefit from this book.  At only .99 cents, this book is a steal considering the amount of research Thurman put into it.

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  1. Thank you so much for the review! I am so pleased you liked it! :)


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