How to Get Started as a La Bella Baskets Consultant

Do you ever have to shop for someone, and you just don’t know what to buy? Maybe your co-worker is having surgery, or your neighbor’s relative just passed away. Maybe you want to tell a friend who lives far away that you’re thinking of her. When you don’t know what to give, sometimes the perfect gift is a gift basket, which is what La Bella Baskets provides.

If you like connecting with others and helping others give a special gift while working your own hours, you may want to consider becoming a La Bella Baskets representative.

How to Get Started with La Bella Baskets

You can sign up for La Bella Baskets online. La Bella Baskets will provide you with your own personalized ecommerce online store. You’ll also receive training about running your store and helping your customers find the perfect basket.

You’ll make a commission for gift baskets that people order from your personal link or ecommerce store. Your whole job revolves around bringing people to your site and meeting their needs for gifts. La Bella Baskets offers several programs that keep those customers coming back.

In addition, you can build a team and get paid residual (monthly) income for each person you have helped to start his or her own store. This unique structure helps you build a solid base check in addition to your individual commissions.

What surprises many is that consultants don’t assemble or make anything at home for this business. Some people assume La Bella Baskets is a crafting opportunity, but it’s not. In fact, the baskets are designed and built at several warehouses and shipped directly from there, so you don’t have inventory and a mess underfoot at home. This is a definite plus if space is an issue.

Benefits of Being a La Bella Baskets Representative

There are so many benefits to being a La Bella Baskets representative! You get to “sell” beautiful products that you can feel good about and that your customers will appreciate and enjoy.

The business itself has amazing support and camaraderie. You can feel happy about what the company stands for and how they remove obstacles that had kept many women from truly working at home.

Don’t forget the monthly residual income! 

How to Market Your Business

There are so many ways you can market your La Bella Baskets business! You can use Facebook, post free ads online, use LinkedIn, and don’t forget about email and local networking. Another idea to consider is joining a business women’s networking group in your city. You can look up Heart Link Network to see if there’s a group nearby.

Finally, remember that once you’re a consultant, La Bella Baskets’ training site has a wealth of information. It’s like paid training in marketing and social media!

How to Learn More

Look online for blogs and Facebook pages of people in La Bella Baskets. Find a consultant that you resonate with and contact her with your questions. Speaking by phone or email with a real person is so helpful in getting a feel for who will be the best individual to mentor you as you get started.
There are also more general sites that you can use to learn more about working for yourself.

However, before you search online, one of the best things that you can do is talk to other women who work from home to get an idea what it’s like to do so. If you don’t know of any work-at-home moms in person, you can look online to find inspiring stories of women who are making it work. And don't forget all of the resources we have here on and on our Facebook page!

If you’d like to help others find attractive, well-designed baskets to gift to those in their lives, and you prefer a business that does not require you to store inventory, La Bella Baskets may be the company for you. They provide their consultants plenty of support, which goes a long way in helping them become successful agents for the company.

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