What You Need to Know about a Hot WAHM Job: Social Media Manager

You're on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn regularly.  You like posting status updates, engaging with your followers and learning the latest strategies to use social media more effectively.

If this describes you, you might want to consider being a social media manager.

Pleasant Parts of the Job

If you're a social media manager, you'll be responsible for keeping a company's social media accounts active.  You'll want to regularly engage with followers.

You'll also need to find relevant information to share and keep track of the analytics from each account to see what updates are working and which ones aren't.

The company has hired you to help them grow their social media accounts, so you'll need to find new followers and expand the company's social reach so more people will learn about the company.

Difficult Parts of the Job

However, recognize that being a social media manager can be a tough job.  While spending your time interacting on social media may be fun, there are downsides to the job, too.

You'll need to handle customer complaints with tact and professionalism.  How you respond can make the difference between keeping a customer satisfied or losing a customer and potentially many more thanks to bad press through word of mouth.

Not only do you need to respond, but you need to respond quickly.  You'll need to be able to keep up with your client's accounts and check them regularly throughout the day.

Other Skills Needed

To be a social media manager, you should be organized.  You need to keep track of the various social media accounts and schedule regular updates.

In addition, you should also be a social person.  Social media is all about showing your personality, and you'll want to do that for the brand you work for.  The more personality you have, the more you can engage followers.

Finally, you'll want to be tech savvy and someone who can keep up with new trends.

Social media manager is a role that many companies are looking to fill.  If you have the right skill set for the job, you could make a lucrative living.

Do you currently work as a social media manager, or would you like to? Be sure to check our weekly job listings to see opportunities, including social media management positions, you can do from home!

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