How to Get Your First 5,000 Subscribers by Derek Halpern: A Review

Have you been trying to grow your blog but failing?  Is your subscriber list stagnant even though you comment on other people's blogs, post every day, and guest post?  Do you feel like you're doing everything right but you're just not seeing results?

If so, you'll want to read Social Triggers founder Derek Halpern's new ebook, How to Get Your First 5,000 Subscribers.

Oh, did I mention the best part?  This ebook is free!

Everyday there are more blogs being created, which means more and more competition.  Halpern says if you're not getting traffic, it's not necessarily your fault.  It may simply be that you're following outdated advice that was given years ago when there wasn't so much blog competition.

Instead, his first piece of advice is to spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it. 

Indeed, the entire purpose of this book is to share the ways Halpern has grown Social Triggers (and other blogs he had before Social Triggers) to a blog with more than 100,000 subscribers.

How to Use Shaping

The first technique Halpern shares is shaping.  When you launch your blog (or starting now if you have an established blog), you'll need to shape the view of how others see you.  For instance, Halpern is known as the guy who uses psychology and marketing to help people turn traffic into sales and leads.  The secret is that Halpern shaped other people to think this way about himself.

In the ebook, he takes a fair amount of time explaining just how he did this and how you can, too.  He also teaches you how to determine what exactly your blog's purpose is so you can shape other people's opinions about you and your blog.

Talk Your Audience's Language

Next, Halpern teaches readers how to talk their audience's language. 

Did you ever notice that some of the popular, big bloggers are rather blasé about their audience?  They don't worry what other people think about them.  They don't want everyone to like them.  They want to cater to a specific audience because they know you can't please everyone.

Halpern asks readers to determine who their ideal audience is and then learn to speak their language.  When you speak their language, you have more people who will follow you and become loyal to you and your blog.

How to Get Traffic

In the last part of the ebook, Halpern offers valuable advice on how to get more traffic.  His techniques are for the current competitive blogging environment, so you'll likely see results from his suggestions.

At only 20 pages, this ebook is a very easy read, but it's chock full of information.  Halpern sprinkles in links to his blog and some of his You Tube videos to explain some concepts further, which most readers will find very useful.

So what are you waiting for?  If you have 30 minutes, download this free ebook and start implementing the strategies today and watch your blog grow! 

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