Should You Institute a Technology Free Day?

If you're family is like the typical American family, everyone, and I do mean everyone, is plugged in electronically.  Your house likely has wireless internet, and you more than likely have a few computers as well as iPads and cell phones.  You may have even more than that.

As a working mom, you're likely online more than you would like.  There's so much to do--maintain your website, stay active on social media, read other blogs. . .The list goes on and on.  Your kids are also likely dependent on their cell phones, and even the littlest likely loves electronics.

Despite some families' best efforts, all of this technology can turn family members into simple, non-communicating roommates.  What's a family to do?  Technology is a blessing, but it can also inadvertently drive your family apart.

If you sense this happening in your own family, one solution may be to institute a technology free day.  For one day, you and all of your family members agree not to use any electronics.  (Some people even include television in this.)

Benefits of a Technology Free Day

Why, you may ask?
First, you and every member of your family get a chance to recharge.  Being without technology for a day can recharge your creativity, and you may find that you're bursting with ideas and ready to tackle work the next day, especially if you take your technology free day on Sunday.

Second, you and your family have a chance to reconnect with one another.  You can go do an outdoor activity or have game night.  You choose what you'd like to do.  Rather than isolating yourselves with technology, you focus on one another.

What If You Can't Do a Full Day?

Think you can't take a full day away from technology?  That's okay.  This isn't all or nothing.  What if you agree to start small?  Perhaps start with no technology for an hour around dinner time.  That gives you time to focus on one another and reconnect, if even for a small while.

Have you instituted a technology free day or time?  How has it worked for your family?

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