Affiliate Review: SponsoredTweets

By Melissa Batai

When I went to a conference a few years ago, I heard one blogger say she made $25 per tweet when she worked with SponsoredTweets.  That piqued my interest, so I signed up.

Let me be clear, I have never made $25 per tweet from SponsoredTweets, but they are a nice affiliate company to work for.

Signing Up for Sponsored Tweets & Setting Your Rate

You can sign up for and log into SponsoredTweets using your Twitter account. 

When you open an account, you will need to set a rate that you would like to be paid per sponsored tweet.  (SponsoredTweets will give you a suggested rate, but I would suggest that you go a little bit higher than they suggest.)

If you get many opportunities for sponsored tweets at the rate you set, experiment with raising it a bit until the offers slow down significantly.

Keep in mind that SponsoredTweets keeps track of how many of your tweets are sponsored versus non-sponsored.  If your ratio of sponsored to non-sponsored tweets gets too high, you'll receive fewer offers.  To avoid this, I make sure to set a rate I feel comfortable with that will give me offers, but not too many.  (Plus, I don't want to annoy my Twitter followers with too many sponsored Tweets.)

How Frequently Are You Paid?

You can withdraw your balance at any time, but if the balance is under $50, you'll have to pay a small fee.  I've always waited to cash out until I reached $50.

Other Things To Know about Sponsored Tweets

You're free to turn down any tweet that you're offered.  For the sake of your followers, you may want to turn down sponsored content that is vastly different from what you normally write about.

Also, if your tweet doesn't get enough interaction (retweets, clicks, etc.), the sponsor may ask you to word your tweet differently and retweet.  You may have to tweet a total of three times for an advertiser before you're paid.

Finally, SponsoredTweets' affiliate program will pay you 10% of what any referral earns for 2 years!

If you love tweeting and have a strong following, SponsoredTweets may be the perfect affiliate program for you.

Have you used Sponsored Tweets before?  Is it something you would consider?

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