5 Strategies to Get Work Done When the Kids Are Home in the Summer

Your children are likely out of school for the summer or will be soon.  While you may want to kick back with the kids and relax (and you should!), you also likely need to get some work done.

However, trying to squeeze in work while entertaining the kids can be a real juggling act.

Try some of these tips to help you continue to be productive all summer long:

1.  Establish a routine.  Kids generally do much better with a routine.  You may want to start the day by doing something with your children first thing in the morning.  I find that if I do this, my kids are happy to entertain themselves for quite a while afterward.  

You may also want to establish a work cut off time.  Perhaps after 3 p.m., you stop working until the kids are in bed.  The kids will know exactly what time you will end your work and may be more patient while you work.

2.  Exchange sitting duties with a friend.  During the summer, you could watch your own kids and your friends' kids one day or afternoon a week and vice versa.  Then you each have time alone to get work done.

3.  Hire a sitter.  One easy way to relieve summer time work pressure is to hire a sitter for a few hours of uninterrupted work time.  Chances are the kids will enjoy the time with the sitter, doing different activities.

4.  Establish quiet time.  Another option is to have a designated "quiet" time in your house, perhaps for the hour immediately after lunch.  During that time, the kids should read, do educational activities, or whatever else you decide on, but they must be quiet.  This is a great way to get some work done and to make sure your children don't get behind on their school work.

5.  Let them have a little screen time.  Of course, you don't want your kids sitting in front of the television all summer long, but on those hot, sticky, uncomfortable days, no one will judge you if the kids spend some time enjoying a movie or two on Netflix.

What's your favorite strategy for getting work done when the kids are home for the summer?

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  1. #2 has worked well for me over the past five years. I trade with a friend who has kids the same ages as mine, so some days I have five kids (!!) and others zero :)


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