Mystery Shopping Editors and Schedulers Needed

A Closer Look Mystery Shopping company is hiring for editors (job description below), as well as schedulers.  Please direct any questions to the email address in the job description:
The editor role for ACL is vital in that it is the final check of the information submitted by the shopper before reports are sent on to our clients. This position would be an 'at-home' position (not at the ACL offices) with the editing of shops possibly being done during non-traditional hours.
1. You must have on-line capability AND have at least a DSL or Broadband connection to the Internet. Connections that are less than DSL or Broadband quality are too slow for this position. As compensation is based on the number of shops edited online, a slow connection is not desirable.
2. The applicant for this position must possess great attention to detail, the ability to read and follow precise directions, the ability to identify and correct inconsistencies in information, the ability to proactively obtain information from shoppers by phone daily, and a strong command of the English language, including spelling, grammar, and the ability to alter sentence structure.
3. You must have a minimum availability of 4 to 5 consecutive hours a day (and more hours as needed) to commit to editing. We have seven day editing week, with a 4 on/2 off schedule for editing that rotates throughout the year. This is a great position for someone who is looking for a work from home opportunity. We offer preferred shopping status to all of our editors. The editing workload cannot be predicted, as it is based on when shoppers complete their shops and submit their reports. As such, we are seeking editors who are flexible and have the availability to work as many hours as are needed on any given day.
Generally, editors average around $10/hour, but as this is a production system, many editors make more or less than this amount/hour. If you are qualified and interested, please email your resume and the answers to the following questions to
Please number your responses for easy reference. Questions:
1) How long have you been mystery shopping?
2) What type of computer environment and internet connection speed do you have? [Modem speed (i.e. DSL, cable), amount of computer RAM, current operating system (i.e. Windows - what version) and browser (i.e. Internet Explorer 7.0)]
3) What is your availability/desired hours if you had your perfect schedule? Are you available to edit all days of the week?
4) Why do you think you'd make a good editor, and why do you want this position?
5) Do you have any editing experience?
6) Are you currently an editor or scheduler for another MS company? Have you ever worked for another mystery shopping company in any capacity other than a shopper? If yes, please provide details.
7) Please describe your education.
8) Please describe your last two jobs, your length of employment, your pay rate and your duties and responsibilities.
9) Please describe your home office setup (do you have a desktop, laptop, fax, scanner, printer, copier, phone line with unlimited long distance, cell phone, etc.).
10) Please describe your computer experience.
11) Are you currently employed anywhere else? If so, where, how many hours per week do you work, and what position do you hold?
12) What is your minimum acceptable pay rate per hour? What do you expect to make per month?
13) Please provide the name, address, email address and telephone number of your direct supervisor at your last two positions.
14) Regarding work/personal goals, where would you like to see yourself five years from now?
15) How often do you travel?

Good luck!

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