5 Reasons to Use a Tablet in Your Home Business (with Buying Guide)

If you’re running a home business, there’s no question that when it comes down to a desktop computer vs. a laptop computer, the laptop computer is going to win out, especially if your home-based business sometimes takes you out of the home. Laptop computers are portable, easy to travel with and secure, and can run on a battery.

But when it comes to choosing between a laptop and a tablet, or simply deciding whether or not to purchase a tablet to use in addition to your computer, here are five reasons why you may want to go ahead and say yes:

1.  Tablets are ultra-portable. Laptops require a laptop bag, or at the very least a roomy messenger bag. Tablets, on the other hand, are small enough to fit in larger purses, as well as diaper bags, tote bags, and larger pockets on vehicle doors and compartments inside other areas of vehicles.

2.  Tablets are efficient. Laptops can distract you with alerts to software updates, the need to run a virus scan, or the desire to clean out your email inbox. Tablets are always on and ready to go, updates often run in the background automatically, and don’t require you to click through a bunch of prompts and/or restart; and the smaller screen real estate combined with the somewhat inefficiency of a touchscreen keyboard will deter you from spending too much time in your inbox.

3.  Tools are just a finger tap away. Calculators, maps, notepads, contacts, etc. -- these are the tools of the trade for most businesses. Keep these icons on the home screen of your tablet so they’ll be readily available, and with the tap or swipe of a finger they’ll be ready for use.

4.  Tablets are easy to secure. (See #1) A tablet can easily be tucked inside your purse or a tote bag, which hides them from inquisitive eyes. You won’t have to worry about stowing a tablet in overhead luggage compartments on trains and planes, where they could be forgotten or swiped.

5.  Effortless syncing. With a 3G/4G tablet, even without a WiFi connection, you’ll be able to keep your syncing apps (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft’s Sky Drive) running in the background, so even if you lose data on your tablet, you’ll have a copy in the cloud.

Now that you're sold on the thought of a table, how will you know which one will work for you?  I highly recommend reading many reviews before taking the plunge, but Amazon has a good buying guide to help you balance your needs with your budget.

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