Review of the 2015 Blog Planner from My Joy Filled Life

I am addicted to creating Google Docs. I have the for every project, client, and task. I also never seem to go back to them after spending a time or two with them.

Why? I'm really a pen and paper girl. I would much rather scribble in a notebook and feel the joy of physically crossing out my to-do's than simply deleting them.  I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I see all the work that's already behind me! 

Since one of my goals this year at both and (my mommy blog) is to plan ahead a little more on posts and projects, I was instantly drawn to the 2015 Blog Planner from My Joy Filled Life.  I didn't get this planner for free to review; I simply discovered it while reading up on some social media posts, bought it, and downloaded it.  Then I printed it and began using it right away!

This planner was definitely my style.  It comes with everything you would need in a planner, and -- depending on your work style -- maybe a little bit more.  The things I found useful in it included the monthly calendar, checklists for your blogging and admin, a daily to-do sheet, weekly planning sheets, editorial calendars, review and giveaway planners, ad planners, pinning planners, linky planners, social media planners and checklists, and guest post trackers!

And, of course, there is that favorite page: "notes" which is blank and ready for you to create your own ideas.

I love printable planners because they:

1) Arrive immediately after ordering -- no waiting to arrive in the mail.
2) Are cheaper than physical planners
3) Can be reprinted if you mess up a page or need more room for your work.

This 2015 planner is beautiful with color and design, but I am cheap and print in black and white, so it's lost on me.  You can, however, choose to put it into any 3-ring binder, in any order, at any point in the year. I love all the flexibility!

This planner is an affordable $4.99, and I'm really glad I purchased it.  My husband and I just sat down for our weekly editorial meeting to discuss what was coming up on the blogs, and -- instead of searching high and low for a notebook to scribble on -- I yelled: "Wait! Let me get my planner!"

If you are a seasoned blogger, you will appreciate that many of the tasks you do are included in the pre-made checklists.  If you are a new blogger, you may learn a thing or two about some tasks you should be doing, but aren't!

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