Use Your Fashion Savvy to Build a Business from Home with Henkaa

If you love shopping, helping others find flattering clothes, or enjoy dressing up for special occasions, you may be the perfect fit for a new direct sales opportunity with Henkaa!  This business opportunity requires a modest start-up cost, and there is great flexibility with your time!

What's Henkaa all about?  These convertible dress company gives customers dozens of options for wearing, with dresses made of premium materials in bold colors.  Wear them casually or to dress-up.  The options truly are endless.

Find out why Henkaa came to be and what it means to the wonderful people I've talked to that work there!  Read more about the story behind Henkaa.

Here are the details to getting started:

Start by investing in your Shoppe in a Box™, which contains all the products and tools you need to begin your Henkaa journey. Not only will you learn how to style, host successful Style Shoppes™, and market your online e-Shoppe, you'll get help from successful team members and learn how to mentor your own team!

What's it cost?  Just $199 for the Basic Shoppe in a Box™, but you can also choose the Standard ($349) or Business Builder ($499) and add on the Special Occasion package ($249).

Since this business is still accepting Founding Stylists, you can qualify for exclusive bonuses and recognition as you promote to upward titles by August 2015.

Get started now by signing up for a no-obligation webinar to learn the details of this business.  It takes place on March 25th at 8:30 pm EST, and you can RSVP here.  (Not feeling up to your own business? Try being a host!)

*We are pleased to be partnering with Henkaa to share you this information.  Opinions are our own.

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