How to Make a Part-time Living on Fiverr

Many families are feeling the pinch in the current economy and are looking for additional part time jobs or ways to earn extra cash. Maybe you’re one of the 5-million stay at home moms who are trying to make ends meet, but you find a little bit more month left at the end of the paycheck. Fiverr just may be your answer.

What is Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace where sellers and freelancers create “gigs” that offer their services to future buyers starting at $5. While $5 may not sound like its going to help purchase your groceries, you might be surprised at how quick it adds up.

Services offered vary from graphic design jobs, video creation/editing, content creation, voice overs, translation services and that is just glazing the surface.

Getting Started on Fiverr

If you’re just starting out with Fiverr, or freelance in general, it is best to do a little research to see what buyers are purchasing. After you have a good idea what the market is like, figure out what tasks you are able to complete with your skills.

When creating your Fiverr gig, keep the titles short and to-the point. You’ll have space to describe your gig in detail in the description.

Here are some examples of current gig titles:

  • “I will professionally edit your video” 
  • “I will draw an awesome cartoon portrait”
  • “I will craft impactful and memorable tagline for you”
  • “I will be your private Virtual Assistant for 1 hour”

When creating your gig description, browse the other listings on Fiverr to see what other top sellers are offering and start there. It is important that you do not copy and paste their entire description, so just use them as inspiration. Make yours unique to you and with your voice – that is what is going to sell!

In addition to creating a succinct gig title and unique description, it is also very important to have an eye catching image. Potential buyers will more than likely see the image before they read the gig title, so make it good!

Before you finishing creating your gig, you’ll be asked to include tags/keywords to help categorize your gig. This will help to rank your gig in the Fiverr search results, so it is very important. Your tags/keywords are basically one to two word search terms. For example, a potential buyer would search “content”, “articles” or “content writing” if they were looking for someone to write for them.

How to be Successful with Fiverr

While gigs start at just $5, Fiverr allows you to add “Extras” to your gigs to earn extra cash. This is where the real money comes in. When listing your gig, offer it in its simplest form.

For example, if you are a writer, offer a 350 – 400 word article for the base rate of $5, delivered in 3 days or less. For extras you can add in:

  • 450 – 800 words for an additional $5
  • a related image for an additional $5
  • extra fast 1 day delivery for an additional $5

Your initial $5 article just turned into a $20 article, with only a little extra work on your end. You can even add in a “Tip” for those buyers who want to reward you for your hard work!
Be sure to respond to future buyers quickly through the inbox provided with your Fiverr account – and deliver your content in a timely manner. Let your work speak for itself, and before you know it the budget-pinch won’t be quite so tight.

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