5 Ways to Make Quick Money Today

Most of the jobs we share here on the site are long-term endeavors that may take months or even years to realize their full potential. But what if you need money right now? There are some things you can do to get cash in your pocket immediately.

Here are our favorite ways to make quick money legally:

1. Sell stuff on Facebook. Most online selling sites like eBay or Etsy take time to list, sell, and collect your cash. Listing things for sale on Facebook can often get you a seller right away, and cash can be in hand by that evening, if the price is right. For ideas on how to find the best groups and sell your items safely, check out this Wise Bread post. You'll want to be cautious meeting anyone you don't know and have the transaction take place in a safe location. People have gotten quick cash legitimately in hours, however, for all kinds of emergencies using this method.

2. Sell your designer clothes. Plato's Closet, and it's other companies, will give cash the same day for in-demand, gently used designer and brand name items. What they are looking for will vary by location, but here is a list of what they are looking for in most markets.  If you don't have the kinds of clothes they are buying, see if you can turn in your unwanted gear at their other markets (Play It Again Sports, Once Upon a Child, Style Encore, or Music GoRound.)

3. Donate plasma. The ability to get compensation for this will vary by location, and there are limitations on how can do this and how often you can participate. See the location near you for details.

4. Offer to babysit, clean, or cook. I am guessing that, right at this moment, a friend or relative of yours is extremely overwhelmed. They would happily throw some cash at a trusted person to relieve them of some of their duties. Since most of use wouldn't want to get into a long-term contract with a housekeeper, or need the trouble of screening for nannies, we don't even bother hiring out. But if someone who I knew offered to sit with the kids for an afternoon or give me a hand cleaning out the garage, I would totally jump on it! Post an update to Facebook letting friends and family know that you have the afternoon or evening free and would love to make some cash helping out. You'd be surprised at how many offers you will get!

5. Trade in stuff on Amazon. Ok, so this isn't exactly dollar bills, but, in our house, Amazon credit is as good as cash. Since you can redeem Amazon GC's for diapers, food, and more, we consider it a worthy method of payment in a pinch. Some items qualify for immediate payment via their trade in program. Check it out to see if anything you have lying around will work.

If you have a few days to wait for money, you might also want to:

Have you made money with any of these? What is your best tip for making fast cash?

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