How to Write a Rate Increase Letter to Your Clients

Everything costs more these days, and you may have found it necessary (or just desirable) to ask your client for more money for your freelance or business services. Before you worry that it's not worthwhile to send out a rate increase letter, let me reassure you. You can't get more if you don't ask for it. Here's a simple rate increase letter that will get the job done, and can be customized to your business!


Thank your client for their business, making sure to mention how long you've been working together if it's been a year or more. If you have a favorite project or memory that they think fondly of, don't hesitate to mention it here.

The News:

You're raising rates. Don't apologize or try to justify. Everyone knows that things cost more. The milk company doesn't say "sorry" when a gallon goes up a quarter or two at your grocery store. Peel of the bandage and just get it out. You're raising rates to XX. Just say so.


Even though your raising rates, nothing else is changing. They can expect to get amazing service from you, and you will continue to bring them value and happiness! It's still very good news in this letter.

P.S. If you want to throw in a bonus, you can do so. Maybe you are upgrading some tech platform or anticipate a new service being added. If it will help to soften the blow of the rate hike by including this info, go ahead and add it in. But don't feel compelled to give things away to justify the rate hike. Increases happen, and you shouldn't feel bad about having to make a living.

Here's a sample letter that you can use (customized to the freelance writing business):

Dear Kate,

I have had such an amazing experience writing for the Good Cooks United Blog. I can't believe that it's been 3 years working together! I really enjoyed meeting you at the Blog Forever conference (especially having that delicious tea by the water.)

For 2017, I'll have a new rate structure to ensure that I'm able to keep providing the same level of service I have been offering. 600-word blog posts will now cost $100 each, and these will still come with full social media promotional support and one high-resolution stock photo.

I'm excited to start the new year with access to some SEO software better designed to help me craft even more Google-friendly material. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to bring you up to speed on what this software has to offer and how it can help benefit your business!

With Gratitude,


Have you ever had to ask for more money from your client? Do you find this letter helpful?

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