The New Year Tools You Need: A Review of Tools4Wisdom Planners

review of the Tools4Wisdom planner

(Note: This is the second  year in a row I've chosen Tools4Wisdom Planners for my home and business.)

I have been buying the same planner for 4 years in a row. As a work-at-home mom who also homeschools, I panic when I can't check my planner to see what I have coming up with next. That's why a planner that's a useful as it is portable is essential. I like one that I can write notes in and not have to worry if my phone is charged.

Since this year, I messed up and bought a planner that wasn't my normal planner (and therefore was very disappointed), I took Tools4Wisdom up on their offer to review one of theirs. I admit, that at first, I was a bit worried that I wouldn't like it. I'm used to a very straight-forward planner with no bells and whistles. I'm a simple girl like that.

review of the Tools4Wisdom planner

The Tools4Wisdom planner, however, was beautiful. A hardcover binding with a colorful and inspiring quote on the front was out of the norm for this Plain Jane. I also had never used a planner with spaces for my goals. I pulled it out and began informally tracking what I wanted to do in the new year.

review of the Tools4Wisdom planner

As a blogger, I had some keywords I was hoping to rank for, traffic goals, and advertiser plans. I also wanted to get a few new clients for my freelance writing business. Then there was the fiction book I had been putting off. I knew that if I were to break each of these areas down into attainable chunks, I could put them in the planner in a way that didn't freak me out. And so I did.

review of the Tools4Wisdom planner

Then, I filled in the gaps with personal and homeschool goals, doctors appointments, date night (what's that?) and the rest. I still had plenty of room to scribble, jot, and change my mind. It's a perfectly flexible planner that gives people like me a good amount of inspiration to get "unstuck" if you will. I quite like that my typical planner didn't arrive as usual this year. I think next year I'll be committing to a Tools4Wisdom Planner!

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  1. Linsey, does the planner have weekly and daily schedules as well?? Thanks so much!

    1. Prerna, Yes! You can see on the buy link all of the available views for the calendar. The daily is broken down by week, with a long list for the day by hour. Then a fully monthly view, and a weekly view, as well. It's my favorite, since I'm kind of a "pantser" and tend to plan things on the fly!


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