#VAin30 - Day 1: Why You Should Consider a VA Business

Times are getting tough between job layoffs, the constant uphill climb of grocery prices, and just life in general. Money problems are one of the biggest stressors in our day-to-day lives. Many are faced with the question of whether they should find a second job, or even if they should end their career as a stay-at-home parent. Maybe you are one of the many who are asking themselves, should I become a virtual assistant?

Why You Should be a Virtual Assistant

Here are some reasons why you might want to become a VA:

Be Your Own Boss

Many Americans desire the picture perfect American dream where they own their own business and they are their own boss. The age of technology and increased popularity and availability of the Internet have made achieving the American dream easier than ever before. With a computer, reliable internet connection, and good communication skills, you have yourself the beginnings of your future as your own boss in the virtual assistant world. You will be able to choose which projects you take on, what your rate is, and how often (or little) you work.

Skip the Commute

One of the biggest benefits of working as a virtual assistant is that you are working from your own home. This means that you no longer have to travel to and from work every day, which in turn changes the time you have available for everything else in your life. Even the smallest amount of day-t- day travel adds up quickly. Not only will you have extra time, you’ll be saving yourself fuel or other travel expenses.

Earn Additional Income

Who can say no to additional money coming in?! While it does take some time to get a steady stream of income and clients as a virtual assistant, it is possible and can end up providing you with a full time income. The good news is, that as your own boss, you are able to control just how much or how little you make by the amount of projects or clients you take on and the rate that you charge. As the business owner, you won’t have to give a portion of those earnings to a manager or president of the company, either -- although it is recommended that you do set aside a portion of your earnings for tax purposes.

Get Paid to Do What you Love

Virtual assistants come in many different forms and perform a wide variety of tasks.

Do you have a passion for photography? As a virtual assistant, you can sell your photos to business owners or bloggers.

Maybe you are you a lover of Social Media platforms likes Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Many businesses are looking to build their online presence and are looking for people who are social media savvy to take over managing their social media accounts.

Is cooking more your speed? Virtual Assistants that can create seasonal recipes or even recipes that appeal to a wide demographic is another great way to find steady work. Eye-catching photography can also a part of recipe creation (which is one more perk for those budding photographers!)

Do you love coding, programming, and learning new tech tools? By assisting with the daily tasks of a website or blog, you will have the opportunity to stretch your wings by learning and growing in the fields of cutting edge web tech. Those with HTML skills are in especially high demand!

If you are a detail oriented person and prefer to do administrative tasks, there are virtual assistants who do those tasks, too. There is no shortage of work for dealing with data entry, email response, documentation, reporting, and basic editing. If you have an eye for the smallest of things, you’ll likely make an excellent virtual assistant.

Helpful Hint: When you are first getting started as a virtual assistant it is best to ask yourself what tasks you are most comfortable performing for clients and start there. Don’t attempt to offer every single task you are capable of right out of the gate. You will quickly find yourself being overwhelmed. Use our task and service ideas later in the book to determine a handful of choices that are closely tied together and work best for you and your schedule.

Enjoy Watching People Succeed

This might sound crazy, but one of the biggest perks of being a virtual assistant is seeing your client pleased with your work and their business succeeding. As a VA, you have the ability to save your client two of their most precious resources, time and money. You’re one of their biggest assets, so when they succeed, you do, too! If you’ve always wanted to feel satisfied in your job, a virtual assistant career has the potential to bring about an immense feeling of reward and responsibility.

Ask twelve successful VA’s what they think is the best part of their business, and you’ll probably get twelve different answers. The fact remains that we all of our own very personal reasons for leaving the structure and security of a regular 9-to-5 jobs for a self-built profession such as the virtual assistant business. No matter your particular circumstance, VA jobs are set to grow at a phenomenal pace over the next few years, due to the acceptance and popularity of freelancing and the remote workforce.

Ask yourself what’s most important to you in working a career today; chances are very good that a VA professional can provide it in a unique and fulfilling way that very few other professions can! (Be sure to catch up on all the days you may have missed. See them all here.)

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