#VAin30 - Day 4: Creating a Menu of Services

Virtual Assistants come in many different forms, with a variety of different specialties. There are some virtual assistants who specialize in social media work, while others avoid social media like the plague and focus instead on web design or development.

How do you let a future client know what services you are able to provide them? Think of it like a new restaurant you’re thinking about eating at. You peruse the menu online first to see what they have to offer before deciding if you want to give them your business or not. The same goes for your virtual assistant business -- create a menu of your services so that your future customers know why they need to be in contact with you.

How to Create a Menu of your Virtual Assistant Services

Many virtual assistants choose to set up a website that showcases their skills, while some choose to just use a social media platform, such as Facebook. Whether you choose one or both is completely up to you, but it is essential for your business to have an online presence unless you are one of the few who have a real-life contact with which you plan to work with. Due to the nature of the virtual assistant field, a client’s first impression of you and your business will come solely from your online presence, so make sure it is a good one!

Choose a Service to Offer

After you’ve chosen which route you want to take, you need to decide what services you are comfortable offering to a business. Are you a strong writer? Maybe you are a social media ninja, and want to help a business grow their social media presence. Do you love to create stunning graphics? Does administrative work appeal to you? Ask yourself all of these questions and find out what you love and what skills you are strong in and go from there.

When you are first starting out as a virtual assistant try not to offer many different services all at once. You will find yourself overwhelmed and stretched. Instead, choose to offer select services to multiple clients. Working for other people is completely different than working for yourself, so you might find tasks taking you longer to complete than you anticipated. Work on perfecting a couple of services before adding additional services to your virtual assistant menu.

Once you’ve chosen what services you excel in and plan to offer to businesses, you need to describe, in detail, what you plan to offer with your service. The more detail you put into this, the less confusion and assumption there will be on both ends.

For instance, if you are in the social media field and choose to help a business with their Twitter Account, you can offer a service that either grows their account by finding new followers or you can assist them with posting to their Twitter accounts. By simply listing “Help with Twitter Account” on your menu of services, you leave the prospective client wondering what it is you will be doing to help them, and they won’t know whether your service fits their needs or not.

The more detail you can give, the better.

Create a Price Sheet

Once you’ve decided what service or services you plan to offer, you need to decide what their value is. Each task you offer will be unique in that they will all take varying times to complete and a different skill set. Some skills that aren’t as readily available as others are more valuable than others, so likewise their cost will be a bit higher. Figure out what your time is worth and the estimated time to complete the service and then create your price sheet.

Some virtual assistants choose to keep their rates and fees private and only divulge them to those who are interested in their services. Others choose to put their fees on their websites or social media channels for all prospective clients to see. That choice is completely up to how you want to run your business. Either way you need to know what you plan to charge for your services so you can be prepared when a client is interested in hiring you.

How do you know what those rates or fees should be? More on that in tomorrow's article!

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