The Easiest Way for Writers to Access Back Issues of Most Any Magazine

Freelance writers have a lot of challenges. Among them? Knowing what an editor wants to be pitched. In addition to coming up with clever, unique, and relevant story ideas, you have to be very careful you don't pitch ideas that have already been printed in the same magazine.

Beyond Google search, there are few ways to find out what a magazine has published. And articles that are "print only" won't even show up here. So, how does a writer make sure that they don't waste an editor's time or even upset them by pitching redundant ideas? Try Texture.

Pitch editors at top magazines with fresh ideas using the Texture app. You no longer have to buy back issues to see what they've already run!

This app is a life-saver for me (and a budget-saver, too). The app, which is available through the Amazon store and can be accessed from your Kindle, iOS, or Android device, gives you access to over 200 top magazines and their back issues through a digital reading interface. The app does require you to have a Texture subscription, but each month is less than 1/3 of the newsstand cost of a typical magazine subscription. So, for less than $11, you get to see everything magazines such as Men's Heath, Time, and US Weekly. (For those of you who follow weekly mags, you know that the cost of a year to just one mag can cost $25 or more.)

You no longer have to go to the library or try to dig up back issues of a magazine to see if your idea has already been pitched. And there's even more good news. Editors aren't entirely against covering the same topics more than once. In fact, if there's been a fresh spin developing since the last time they covered it, they may be more than happy to run your article. Be sure that you always try to tell the editor "what's in it for them". If you can point out the relevance of an updated story to today's audience, and tie it back to value for them, you have a better chance of selling your story idea and having your piece run.

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What magazine will you be pitching first?

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