10 Weeks to Better-Paying Freelance Writing Clients (Giveaway)

If there's one mutual frustration among writer friends, it's this: clients can be difficult to work with, and some are not worth the time.

What's worse, job boards and public writing postings (even those listed on our weekly job leads list) can pay far below what you're worth as a writer. In an effort to combat this ongoing drama -- and as a direct response to when I lost my largest writing client ever -- I worked hard over the last year to figure out what works (and what doesn't) to get those amazing clients that pay well and are a privilege to work with.

I came up with the best answers and put them all together into my Boost Your Writing Business Course: 10 Weeks to Better-Paying Writing Clients. The course, designed for writers at all levels of expertise, is based on these truths that I learned (sometimes the hard way.)

1. There is no ONE way to pitch a client. 

Forget emailing all of your LOI (letters of introduction). There is no one place editors hang out, so why are you only emailing all of them? I've used several strategies over the years to get on the radar of amazing editors who were thirsty for great writing talent. You should have no less than five different ways of contacting editors and a different pitch style for each.

2. You better be professional.

Yeah, I get it. Baby bangs look terrible on that celeb, and I can't believe that the latest political scandal hit so hard. But unless you are getting paid to be a celebrity commentator or you are CNN's next columnist, you might want to cool it with all the opinions. Survey says that big businesses are looking out for their brand and can't afford to allow a know-it-all (or worse yet, a troll) to handle their most delicate brand content work. I'm all for free speech, but if you use your Twitter handle for your business tweets, you might want to save your polarizing remarks for your personal Facebook feed or Snapchat.

3. Clients hate this more than anything.

It's not what you think. They really are pretty predictable, reasonable people and if you're not sure what irks them more than anything, I'll fill you in. They hate late work. Just hate it. If you can't be timely with your delivery, being a writer (or at least a profitable one)  likely isn't for you.

4. You CAN double your rates in less than a year.

This simple trick involves boosting your asking price by 20% and sticking to it. Every new client should be paying you at the new rate, until you've doubled your price. It should take you no longer than 10 months to get your rates to twice what they were before with this trick!

Use these strategies to get better-paying freelance writing clients in less than 10 weeks.

  • Want more insider tips from what clients tell me they want in a new writer?
  • Curious as to how my best new client in 2018 found me on TWITTER?
  • Wanting to know if tools like LinkedIn Pro are worth it?
  • Not sure if a writer's group is something you should invest in?

I'll give you all the truth -- with no fluff. If you use these tips consistently (working through all of them in 10 weeks), you can get better clients filling your work calendar! 

Get the full scoop on this new course and why it works for writers of all levels here. Beta testers have had great success in getting better-paying clients in just a few weeks! 

I'm also happy to answer questions about it. Feel free to comment here or email me

To celebrate the launch of this course, I am giving away your choice of ONE Writer's Market book of your choice! Choose from:
To be entered to win your choice of book, please use the form below by March 3rd, 2018. Open to U.S. residents only for paperback versions of the book (International is welcome, but the prize will be fulfilled as a code for the ebook copy.) 


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    1. Thanks, Yona! It's amazing how the little things can be a big obstacle to earning!

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  3. I'd like to find out how to find the right clients.

    1. The right clients can make all the difference. Thanks for entering!

  4. "There is no ONE way to pitch a client." That is the single most informative thing I could learn.

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