Best Facebook Groups for Growing Your Blog

Blogging can feel like a lonely profession, but it doesn’t have to be.  One way to connect with other bloggers and learn tips and tricks from more experienced bloggers is by joining Facebook groups.  There are many different types of Facebook groups for bloggers for different purposes, but these are some of our favorites.

Courage to Earn—The Community

Created by Brandi Riley of the website, Courage to Earn, this group has 6,000 members and is quite active.  Members ask questions, share goals, and share ways to make money with their blog as well as increase page views.  Popular posts include tools that will help you run your blog more efficiently as well as post ideas.  There are several big-name bloggers in this group, and, as such, this group is for more advanced bloggers.

Boss Girl Bloggers

This group has over 30,000 members and is specifically for lifestyle, beauty, and fashion bloggers.  Most of the content is questions about blogging, but there are also designated links where affiliate posting is allowed as well as designated links for self-promotion.

Blog Support Group—Grow Social Media, Drive Traffic, and Gain Followers

The name of this group says it all.  This is a community specific to sharing your links, having others share them, and doing the same for other members.  You can choose what area of your business you’d like to grow from blog posts to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or other forms of social media.  However, you must also reciprocate or you can be banned from the group.  With almost 32,000 members, there are lots of ways to offer support to others and receive your own support.

The Affiliate Challenge

This group was created to help bloggers increase their affiliate earnings.  There is a heavy focus on Amazon affiliate earnings, but people do post about ways to earn with other affiliate programs.  Bloggers here share what posts have done well for them, how they are promoting their posts, and how to promote within newsletters and other places.  Especially useful are the monthly goals challenge posts and the suggestions for post content that is working well for other people.

This group just began this fall, so it’s tiny (only 340 members), but it’s also active and a great place to learn new techniques for affiliate promotion.

Start a Money Making Blog

At nearly 170K members, this group is huge!  This group is based on the free, five day “How to Start a Blog” course from Pete and Heather Reese from It’s a Lovely Life.  As such, this group is perfect for those considering starting a blog or newbies.

There are many groups on Facebook with a blogging focus; the key is to find the groups that best support what you’d like to do, whether that is growing your blog, growing your social media page, earning more money or finding support in your journey.

These five groups can get you started, and as you search through these and join them, you’ll see many more suggestions of other blogging groups on your sidebar.  Join the ones that best fit your goals and find virtual support that is invaluable.

Do you have a favorite Facebook group for bloggers?

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