Where to Find a Reliable VA

Your business has grown to the point that you cannot or do not want to do it all by yourself.  You’re ready to hand off some of the tedious work that takes time away from the work you love.  Or, you’re ready to hand over the work you don’t excel at so you can complete more of the work you do excel at.  There’s only one problem.  You don’t know where to find a reliable VA (virtual assistant).  Sure, you could hire one from an agency, but there are much better ways to find a VA who will be a good fit for you and your business.

Where to Find a Reliable VA

Get Referrals from Friends

If you have other friends who are self-employed and use virtual assistants, contact them first.  They may be able to refer you to their own VA (if that person is hiring).  Even if that VA isn’t hiring, she may know of other VAs who are hiring.

When you get referrals from friends, you know you will likely get a virtual assistant who comes highly recommended and has a track record of success.  Finding someone based on recommendations is so much better than hiring a person you have no experience with.

Facebook Business Groups

If you’re part of Facebook business groups, ask for referrals there.  I’m part of several blogging groups, and bloggers share the names of VAs they recommend and work with.  In addition, some bloggers are also VAs and offer their services there.

There is also a Facebook group, VA for Hire and Pinterest Friendly Content for Bloggers, which operates as a matching service for bloggers looking for VAs and VAs looking for clients.

Tips for Hiring a VA

Sometimes to find a VA that is a nice fit for you and your business, you need to first do background work.

What Jobs Do You Want the VA to Perform?

The first question to ask yourself is what tasks do you want the VA to perform?  I frequently see people post, “I’m looking for a good VA.  Does anyone have recommendations?”  This is too open ended.  There are some VAs who specialize in administrative work, others content creations, others Pinterest, and the list goes on.  Before you even start to look for a VA, know what tasks you would like the VA to do so you can narrow down your search.

How Many Hours a Week Would You Like the VA to Work?

The second thing you should know is how many hours a week you’ll need help and how much you plan to pay.  Some VAs may have room for an additional 10 hours per week in their schedule, but not for an extra 20 hours.  If you’re clear upfront with how many hours a week you need a VA, you can quickly eliminate those VAs who need more or less hours.

Searching for a VA can be an intimidating process, but if you follow these steps, you should find the task a bit easier.  And once you have your VA, you will likely enjoy more freedom to do the tasks you love and excel at while your VA does the other chores you’d rather not do or don’t have time to do.

If you have a VA, how did you find him or her?  What suggestions would you add to this list?

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