1099 Top 10: Can We Stop SOPA?

We like to regularly share our favorite posts from the Work at Home Mom niche. Some articles may come from Moms, but all of them will be great. Enjoy! 
  • As many 1099 Mom readers know, SOPA, Stop Online Piracy and Protect IPs, while good for the recording industry, threatens millions of web sites worldwide with its censorship implications. Thankfully, eight large internet corporations, including Google, have proposed an alternative to the SOPA legislation, Read Write Web reports.
  • As women and mothers, we often struggle with comparing ourselves to others and the decisions we make. For a bit of perspective, look to a 94 year old’s take on making good decisions at Wise Bread. She has the wisdom of a lifetime to share.
  • As more and more business and individuals develop web sites and a web presence, there is a greater need for virtual assistants to assist them. The Work at Home Wife shares virtual assistant jobs that are available as of January 5, 2012.
  • The Work at Home Wife also shares what I think are spot-on predictions about the top work at home jobs in 2012. What work at home jobs do you think will be important this year?
  • Can you imagine making almost $25,000 in one MONTH working from home? Crystal did just that and documents how in December 2011 Self-Employment Income and Expenses at How I Make Money Blogging.
  • Most of the Snowbelt region remains light on overall snow fall this winter. If you and your kids miss the snow (well, maybe only your kids miss the snow), give it to them in their lunch with the adorable snowman lunch featured at $5 Dinners.
  • Cats are adorable, but many are prone to their own idiosyncrasies, as the Freelance Homeschool Mom shares. My cat has some terrible habits, but at least he leaves my laptop alone.
  • You may have thought now that the holidays are over the decadent treats have gone away. Before you bid adieu to decadence, try the simple but divine recipe Southern Hospitality shares.
  • Bloggers have finally gone mainstream! According to Mashable, Puma is sending 10 bloggers to go to Abu Dhabi to cover a sailing race. Airline tickets, anyone?
  • Haven’t made the leap yet to work at home mom, but you are seriously considering it? The Mom Writes offers a great list of benefits and drawbacks to working at home while caring for your family.
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