1099 Top 10: Social Media Is Not Dead

We like to regularly share our favorite posts from the Work at Home Mom niche. Some articles may come from Moms, but all of them will be great. Enjoy!  
  • Will social media ever die?  If so, it's a long time down the road, claims Read Write Web.  See why they think it's alive and kicking -- which is great news for the connected small biz!
  • Marketing by location isn't just smart, it can help build the kind of community you want around your small business.  Mashable makes it easier with this roundup of location-based marketing strategies for the 1099 mom (and other entrepreneurs.)
  • It's 2012!  What the year has in store for your business depends, largely, on you!  Here are some resolutions to help your business grow, via the smart folks at Open Forum.
  • Maybe you've been a home business lurker for a while, too scared to take the plunge, but unhappy with your current career.  Daily Worth gives some strong tips for wanna-be self-employers -- we agree with them all!
  • If you had to pick your favorite recipe of 2011, what would it be?  That's, OK.  We couldn't pick just one, either.  (The same goes for Erin of $5 dinners; she brings us a list of ALL of last year's faves in one delicious post.)
  • We've covered how it is possible to homeschool and have a home business; we're excited that Mom Advice agrees!
  • Have you been penalized by Google lately?  You might find some of these tips from My Multiple Incomes to be useful.
  • We've recently started outsourcing small business tasks, and we're loving it!  Startup Nation helps you get over the fears that can accompany the decision with these guidelines for eliminating outsourcing stress.
  • We all know to lock our house doors, but do you lock your car doors -- when driving?  Lynnae from Freelance Homeschool Mom gives us a gentle reminder.
  • On the road again?  Before you head out for that next big business trip, check out these frugal business travel tips from Myscha and Financial Highway.
Thanks to everyone who was included in this edition's list!

Photo by ell brown via Flickr.

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