How Do I Get Walmart to Sell My Product?

It's most every small business owners dream: Get your product on the shelves at Walmart and go BIG with your product!  Unfortunately, it's been very difficult for a small business owner to get into the big box store -- that is until now!

As part of the "Get on the Shelf" competition, anyone with a product can apply to have their item sold and marketed in Walmart stores!  This is a huge opportunity, held much in the style of an American-Idol or X-Factor competition.  To get started, you simply visit the website and enter your name, company name, company site, product description, and a YouTube video link.

Does your product have what it takes to Get on the Shelf?  Walmart makes it clear that, even if you are a small company without the means to mass-produce for for a giant like Walmart, you will receive assistance to help in that regard -- if you choose to go forward.  In addition, the winner will get:
  • featured placement on,
  • valuable marketing support,
  • advice on scaling up!
(And let's not forget -- that coveted Walmart shelf space!)

This competition only lasts through Feb. 12, 2012, so bring your A-game and get that product entered!

(Please note that public voting is a part of this competition, so you'll likely want to promote your entry to your family, friends, and customers.  Also, there are a total of 3 winners in this contest: One grand prize and 2 first prize winners.  Full rules are available here!)

Good luck!

*I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. No compensation was received for this announcement. As always, all opinions are 100% my own.

1 comment:

  1. Hello all, even though your product may not make the final vote, the exposure from this.
    contest is worth being in it, my product the Dirt Snatcher is one of them, it has a lifetime warranty. I believe providing a quality product to Walmart would be a welcome addition. Since being in the contest my youtube views have shot up about 300% to where they were. By the way, link to my product if you are curious

    thanks for viewing!

    Good luck to all that enter.


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