1099 Top 10: Saving Money in 2012

We like to regularly share our favorite posts from the Work at Home Mom niche. Some articles may come from Moms, but all of them will be great. Enjoy!  
  • Working at home sounds like a dream to many, and it definitely has its perks.  However, some people don’t relish the accounting and marketing that often go with setting up shop for yourself.  The Work at Home Wife discusses subcontracting to allow you to avoid those dreaded tasks, but explains subcontracting does have its downside.
  • Frugal Upstate is much more disciplined than many and keeps track of changes in grocery prices.  While her list may differ from yours, her organization does offer a good place to start if you are looking to lower your grocery bill. 
  • Paying down debt?  Which is better? Paying the higher interest rate debts down first, regardless of balance or paying down the smallest debts first, regardless of interest rate?  According to Daily Worth, what you answer may be connected to your brain chemistry!
  • Speaking of debt, Mom’s Plans has gotten gazelle intense and is throwing money at her debt every week.  Think you don’t have enough extra money to “snowflake” on your debt?  She shows you how just $20 extra a month could make a big difference in the amount you repay on your mortgage.
  •  Do you have teens who eat every hour or better yet bring home their friends who also eat every hour?  Try keeping them satisfied with Chicken Ranch Wraps courtesy of $5 Dinners.  Now that is wholesome “fast” food!
  • Many working moms have struggled to take time off when having a baby.  Working Mother is on a mission to help the United States join 178 other countries, many far poorer than the U.S., that allow new mothers to take a paid leave.  Just sign the online petition to help further this cause.
  • Speaking of saving money, Amy guest posts at Goodwill Tips and gives suggestions for having a no spend challenge.  We had a no spend month last year, and I was amazed how much money we saved and how conscious we became of our spending.  If a month is too much, try a no spend weekend as Amy suggests.
  • One avenue many people pursue to make some money on the side is blogging.  However, getting to the point where you make money is not easy.  Erika at Newlyweds on a Budget explains that it took her nearly 15 months to make money from blogging and how she did it.
    Thanks to everyone who was included in this edition's list!

    *Photo by 401K via Flickr.


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