Writers Can Make More Money with PLR

If you’re a work-at-home mom, then chances are, you’re a writer. You may do additional things on the Internet to produce income, but the core of most online moneymaking endeavors is producing good content. I freelance, but I wanted to find a way to maximize the return for the articles I write. I’m also continuously looking for new ways to diversify my streams of income online. I’m a big marketing forum buff, and I discovered that there are countless Internet marketers looking for high-quality PLR to use on their sites and blogs.

So, what exactly is PLR, anyway?

PLR stands for private label rights. When you sell content with these rights, you are essentially selling the right for customers to use it in just about any way they see fit, and multiple customers can buy the same content. This is because PLR content is designed to be used by many different people in many different ways. You are selling non-exclusive rights, so it’s much different than ghostwriting an article and selling the complete rights to one client, one time, for one price.

People who buy PLR articles can use the content in a variety of ways. They can use it as-is for filler content on their sites or blogs, put their name on the articles as the author, divide up the content and make an eBook or special report… the list goes on and on. Most sellers only specify that buyers cannot resell their purchases as PLR themselves. You can specify rights for your PLR, but you should make sure the rights are clearly spelled out and posted on whatever platform you’re using to sell it.

Why should I sell PLR?

Think about it. If you are a freelance writer, then you likely write 500-word articles for clients or content mills for somewhere around $10 a pop. When you write and sell these articles, you can’t use them again. You have sold all the rights to the articles forever. Now imagine if you could write an article once and sell it multiple times while retaining partial ownership of the work yourself. That’s what PLR allows you to do. Of course, you cannot sell private label rights articles for nearly as much as you would charge for regular content. You’re selling non-exclusive rights, so PLR is usually sold for around $1 an article and grouped into packages with similar topics. For example, you could sell a five-pack of 400-word dog training articles for $5.

Where can I sell my PLR?

To sell your PLR, you could start a dedicated site or blog and add a simple shopping cart to automate the selling process. However, if you don’t want to dedicate too much time and effort into starting a new site just for PLR, you can sell it on your writing website and link a shopping cart to a page there instead.
Maximizing your earnings on the ‘net is all about diversification. Mixing PLR and regular freelance writing is a great first step to making the content you write online work harder for you.

Nell Terry is a freelance writer, blogger, and founder of Housewife Empire. She’s on a mission to break 6 figures on the Internet by 35 years old, and she enjoys teaching other WAHMs how to make more money online. You can follow her journey on her blog or Twitter @HousewifeEmpire.

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  1. This is interesting. I've never heard of this concept. I definitely want to look into it more. Although I currently make more than double that rate for a 500 word article. I wonder if I can make even more money.

    Thanks for the info. I just found your site and I'm really liking the information so far.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Jessica! PLR was new to us, too, so we had to bring in an expert :)


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