How to Start a Business Selling Gift Baskets Online

If you have a flair for putting together creative, useful gift baskets, you may want to consider selling gift baskets online.  This is a good business for a WAHM, as the job allows for a flexible schedule -- as long as you meet your orders in a timely manner.  

Where to Sell

If you want to sell gift baskets online, you could start your own website, but a better option may be to open an Etsy store or sell on eBay.  If you are concerned about costs, Etsy is generally a more frugal option than eBay.  One seller I know started on Etsy and still maintains a store there, but due to her success, she also created her own website and now sells from both sites.  In addition, she started a Facebook page so she could share her latest creations with current and potential customers.  All of these strategies could be options as your business grows.

What to Sell

Take the time to do some market research.  What types of baskets are selling well?  Could you offer a variation of these types of baskets?  Do you have a good idea for a basket that you don’t see online already?  Is there a regional variation you can offer?  For instance, if you search "baby boy gift baskets" on Etsy, you will see many gift baskets with blue items in them, as well as animal prints.  Why not target hard-core sports fans?  If you live in Michigan, why not make a baby boy gift basket that is patterned in U of M sports gear and paraphernalia?  See what gift baskets are popular and offer your own unique twist.

Before you spend a great deal of money, make a few gift baskets to test the market and see how well they sell.  You may even want to sell at a craft show or two to judge interest.

Look for Discounts from Suppliers

Once you have a gift basket that sells well, try to work with suppliers to see if you can negotiate a deal for buying in bulk.  This applies not only to the merchandise, but also the baskets, the supplies and your shipping supplies.

If you are looking to sell gift baskets online, first, carefully analyze the market to find the right gift basket to sell.  Then, sell a few to gauge demand.  When you are ready to sell more, try to negotiate deals with suppliers.  As you grow, consider opening your own website and Facebook page.  With hard work and smart marketing, you may be able to grow your business and express your creativity on a daily basis.

Do you have an online gift basket business that you started at home?  We'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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